Twiztid Tour 2010: Day 1-10

Day 1

We spoiled ourselves.
The first official day of the tour was started off right - with a hot breakfast. The excellent hotel we stayed in had eggs AND ham...while this may not surprise or excite you; this is a pretty damn big deal for the likes of us. We usually get hotels where the norm is bagels, bread, cereal, bread, muffins, bread, orange juice, coffee...and usually some bread. So tomorrow morning when we are faced with a more traditional continental breakfast, we may be feeling a little disappointed. But hell, free breakfast is free breakfast.

We arrived in Kansas City at the Beaumont Club around 5:00 PM. Despite the fact that the doors didn`t open to the public until 7, there were already dozens and dozens of fans waiting outside the venue. This was a very welcome sight - if the first show of the tour had kids lined up hours before the place opened, then it probably meant that we could expect an early crowd every night of the tour. Great news for an opening band.

Great venue - large stage, excellent sound equipment, hardwood was essentially a big ballroom. We got to work right away setting up amid the hustle and bustle of Twiztid`s extensive army of crew members, roadies and technicians. We met Ash, the tour manager who hooked us up with our all -access passes that would allow us to wander backstage for the next 7 weeks.

The second the doors opened up, kids just started piling into the venue. In about three minutes, 300 fans had materialized in front of the stage and around the merch booths. A local group, Wicked Wayz, started the show off shortly after. When they exited the stage, it was time for us to get up there and play for the Juggalo`s.
( For those who don`t know, a ``Juggalo`` is a fan of artists on Psychopathic Records, or perhaps more accurately, a member of the Psychopathic Records family. It`s a big family. )

We have been working very hard to fine-tune our set for this tour. We played all heavy, loud, aggressive songs, with a couple new ones thrown in there. The reaction was phenomenal. Given that we are playing our funk-rock-hiphop among face painted rappers from the same record label for the next 7 two months or so, we were a little bit unsure of how the Juggalos would react to us, what with being outsiders and all. Our fears were instantly put to rest the moment the crowd started chanting ``FAMILY....FAMILY...FAMILY`` between songs. Mosh pits, crowd surfing, head banging all took place, we actually met a guy who had his eyebrow split open during our set, and he was totally stoked about it. It was a great show to start us off, and it`s only monday. I can`t wait to see what these guys get up to on a friday or saturday night! Some poor girl even broke her leg, we send our regards to her. We didn`t see what happened, but she must have been really throwing down.

As a first day, it pretty much went off without a hitch. Tomorrow we play in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Check back to find out what happens!
(PS...we`d like to acknowledge Fat Steve, who did two push-ups while Matte was sitting on his back. Pretty cool, Steve. )

Day 2

"Wake up, get in the van, and drive your ass to Tulsa."
It kind of sounds like a demand barked by the likes of Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson in some old action flick...and although nobody actually said this phrase, this is exactly what we did this morning. Feeling pretty optimistic from the great first show, we spent a large portion of the drive up to Tulsa discussing how we could improve our set-up, performance, merch sales and overall success rate at the second show. We were stoked. We also discovered on the drive up that if you spell "Tulsa" backwards, you get...well, you know what you get. Just an observation, Tulsans, we mean no disrespect to you or your beautiful city!

I would just like to report briefly on the breakfast we had this morning (as usual) - the Orange juice looked more like coffee with some milk in it. That's all I'm going to say on the subject. We also met a pretty cool lady named Aria, whose business card described her as a "Professional Gypsy"...I assume there must be some league of amatuer gypsys running around out there somewhere. She was cool, bought an album from us and wished us well. Thanks Aria!

We arrived in Tulsa and found the venue, no problem. It was huge. The room held around 1700 people, and reminded us of a roller derby hall or something.
The sound in the place was unreal - we had what Liam described as the best-sounding sound check he has ever heard us do. He's heard us perform everywhere from scum infested dives to the biggest music festivals on the planet, so we took it as a compliment. Wicked first band - Trip C killed the opening slot, they got everybody pumped up and did an awesome Bloodhound Gang cover. Props to those guys for stoking the crowd for us.

We tweaked our set list a little bit, throwing in our one-minute ode to thrash metal, a song we ironically call "We Don't Play Metal". The Juggalo's seemed to really like moshing, so we thought that might get them going. It did. Overall, we played better, tighter, and smoother than Kansas City, and enjoyed a rise in our merch and CD sales. A big thanks to everyone who signed our mailing list, bought a disc or t-shirt, or just came to say hi. An extra special thanks to the heckler who threw an empty beer can at Roge's crotch - quite honestly, it was an impressive, and incredibly accurate shot, thrown from a thriving and jumping crowd. Not an easy thing to do!

Another show under the belt! We are feeling REALLY good about this tour so far...and let's be honest, it's the first three-day span we've gone without blowing up something in our van since last summer (knocking on wood as I type). In addition to the lack of transportation problems, the response from the Juggalo's has been amazing. The dedication, devotion and sheer optimism for music that these fans have is like nothing we've seen.

We have a day off tomorrow - and by day off, I mean we are driving ten hours or so to the Mile High we come, Denver! Looking forward to Colorado, time to bust out the winter coats. Also, a big thanks to you, whoever you are, for reading this. Today we beat our record for visitors to in a one day period, and it's all thanks to you. Keep coming back, we'll see you in Denver!

(PS Check out our Shop, we've got our new t-shirts up and ready for shipping! )

Day 3

A day "off "during our bands tour shcedule is rarely a bonefied day off - usually it involves lot's of driving, catching up on promo, responding to e-mails, phone calls, and a lot of other stuff that doesn't necessarily make for good blog writing. However, as I sit and remember today's events, we actually got up to some pretty typical band-on-the-road stuff...

We watched Wayne's World in the van. We listened to Iron Maiden, Beastie Boys, Alice in Chains, Motley Crue and Denver sports radio. We drank beer in a Wal-Mart parking lot. We ate. We assembled our own CD's while driving through Kansas Praries. I think I have mentioned before that we sometimes run low on things to talk about. To illustrate this point, today we spent at least 15-20 minutes discussing peanut butter and jam/jelly sandwiches. While on the subject of food, breakfast was a huge dissapointment. Walking up to what appeared to be a full blown, hot breakfast buffet in the hotel lobby, we were crushed when we realized that the catering trays were all filled with nothing but steam. They didn't even have milk for the fruit loops. We raided their fruit supply instead, which kept us munching all day in the van. And, speaking of fruit, we have collectively agreed as a band that Honey Crisp genetically engineered apples are the best in the world. Eat one, and you'll agree.

We've been getting a lot of great e-mails and feedback from some of our new friends in Kansas City and Tulsa! Thanks for writing in, we hope your comrades in the other cities feel the same way. In case you haven't done so already, swing by our Shop and purchase one of our new t-shirts. They've been moving pretty fast out here on the road, so if you want one you'd better get 'em while you can!

Also, to our friends who have been taking pictures with us on the road - if you'd like to see your pics in our Photos section, just e-mail your pictures to and we'll post them. We love getting fan photos, so send them in please! We play Denver tomorrow night - check back to see what goes down.

Day 4

This hotel we found in, the breakfast takes the cake. The good cake. The best damn breakfast we've ever seen in a hotel. Hands down, they had everything we love, and then some. Also, we have adopted a new technique that Boots got wise to during the first few days of the tour...breakfast sandwhiches. When hot items, such as eggs, bacon, etc are available, youbetter get some toast and slap everything in between, wrap it up and save it for later. Lap of luxury, folks. During breakfast we also met some members of another really cool band, Anew Revolution, who were touring the states with Sevendust. Thier drummer Rob was a fellow Canadian, so we hung out for a while, shooting the breeze and swapping stories. It's always cool to meet other like-minded touring artists when you're on the road. It can be refreshing, and reminds you that you're not the only ones out there working, struggling and living your life to realize the rock dream.

We liked the hotel so much we booked another night in it, and since we were already in Denver, spent the day promoting, calling, and doing other *fun administrative things. Then we took a trip to Guitar Center - awesome. Guitar Center, for those who don't know, is a giant musical instrument retailer in the USA. It's a lot like a candy store for musicians, filled with really, really, expensive candy. Whenever we get in there, we all kind of split up, wide-eyed, grinning, instinctively wandering to our respective instruments section. If time is not an issue, we can usually kill several hours in there without even seeing each other. But time is always of the essence for us, so we had to hurry it up. We got some good deals on some new bass equipment, and split to the Summit Music Hall.

As usual, the show had a huge line-up of Twiztid's fans outside the venue, hours before the doors opened. Inside, the hall had a cool set up with balcony sections above the floor and a sweet backstage area where we played some foosball before the show. The stage was a little on the small side, however, and after Twiztid's stage props were set up, we barely had any room to play with - literally. We actually had to climb up on stage from the very front, because the stage exit/entrance was blocked by the drumkit. It didn't matter though, we tore it up and experienced the best show we've played yet. These mosh pits - crazy. We've never been a band to encite too many mosh pits, but it has been commonplace since we started this tour, and last nights was the craziest yet. Liam got some pretty gnarly footage of the whole thing, which we will be posting soon. So stay tuned for that.

As usual, we'd like to thank all the people who took the time to come hang out with us, bought merch, signed our mailing list, or anything of that nature. And if you're needing some of this merch, we're going to be hosting some pretty awesome deals right here on, just in time for the holidays. Keep an eye on our Shop in the next day or so, and we'll have some serious combos for t-shirts, albums, posters, etc.

We head to Colorado Springs tonight, and then we get to drive through the night to Salt Lake City, Utah. It's gonna be a long day!

Day 4

This hotel we found in, the breakfast takes the cake. The good cake. The best damn breakfast we've ever seen in a hotel. Hands down, they had everything we love, and then some. Also, we have adopted a new technique that Boots got wise to during the first few days of the tour...breakfast sandwhiches. When hot items, such as eggs, bacon, etc are available, youbetter get some toast and slap everything in between, wrap it up and save it for later. Lap of luxury, folks. During breakfast we also met some members of another really cool band, Anew Revolution, who were touring the states with Sevendust. Thier drummer Rob was a fellow Canadian, so we hung out for a while, shooting the breeze and swapping stories. It's always cool to meet other like-minded touring artists when you're on the road. It can be refreshing, and reminds you that you're not the only ones out there working, struggling and living your life to realize the rock dream.

We liked the hotel so much we booked another night in it, and since we were already in Denver, spent the day promoting, calling, and doing other *fun administrative things. Then we took a trip to Guitar Center - awesome. Guitar Center, for those who don't know, is a giant musical instrument retailer in the USA. It's a lot like a candy store for musicians, filled with really, really, expensive candy. Whenever we get in there, we all kind of split up, wide-eyed, grinning, instinctively wandering to our respective instruments section. If time is not an issue, we can usually kill several hours in there without even seeing each other. But time is always of the essence for us, so we had to hurry it up. We got some good deals on some new bass equipment, and split to the Summit Music Hall.

As usual, the show had a huge line-up of Twiztid's fans outside the venue, hours before the doors opened. Inside, the hall had a cool set up with balcony sections above the floor and a sweet backstage area where we played some foosball before the show. The stage was a little on the small side, however, and after Twiztid's stage props were set up, we barely had any room to play with - literally. We actually had to climb up on stage from the very front, because the stage exit/entrance was blocked by the drumkit. It didn't matter though, we tore it up and experienced the best show we've played yet. These mosh pits - crazy. We've never been a band to encite too many mosh pits, but it has been commonplace since we started this tour, and last nights was the craziest yet. Liam got some pretty gnarly footage of the whole thing, which we will be posting soon. So stay tuned for that.

As usual, we'd like to thank all the people who took the time to come hang out with us, bought merch, signed our mailing list, or anything of that nature. And if you're needing some of this merch, we're going to be hosting some pretty awesome deals right here on, just in time for the holidays. Keep an eye on our Shop in the next day or so, and we'll have some serious combos for t-shirts, albums, posters, etc. We head to Colorado Springs tonight, and then we get to drive through the night to Salt Lake City, Utah. It's gonna be a long day!

Day 5

Another great breakfast in the hotel, and we were off again to Colorado Springs. We hoped that our second date in Colorado would be just as good as the first.
The drive was a short one, so we got to Colorado Springs early. We had to hit a post office to ship out some orders from our website, and then we made another stop at a music shop that was next door. This was no guitar centre, by any means, more of a music exchange, but they did have some awesome stuff. Matte came within a few inches of buying a studio Les Paul, it was an awesome deal and the guitar sounded unreal. However, he reminded himself that we were only several days into a very long tour, and buying expensive guitars the first week might not be the best idea. Yet. Liam, on the other hand, was more convinced that he should leave the shop with a guitar. He haggled with the owner and got a ridiculously good deal on a Martin "backpacker", a tiny, small bodied acoustic guitar that sounds awesome. New purchases in tow, we headed for our next venue - The Black Sheep.

According to the tour itinerary, the Black Sheep would be the smallest venue of the 38 we would be playing with Twiztid. Having said that, the joint still held over 500 people, and that's pretty much how many of the Family showed up. I know it's been said about nearly every show so far, but last night's show was the wildest. We got mad love from the Colorado Springs crowd, and again the mosh pit was a blur of face paint, sweat and raised fists. Sometimes a smaller venue translates into a more intimate show. This effect was definitely in play last night. Wicked people, wicked music, wicked show. After two amazing nights in Colorado, we will almost certainly be back to rip it up in the not-too-distant future. Also, it's got to be said that the shows Twiztid and Blaze have been performing are top notch. These guys are professionals, and their expertise and experience shines through during thier performances. It's a pleasure watching these guys kill it every single night.

As great as the show was, we had to move on after the gig. We were in for a hell of a drive - Salt Lake City was a good 9 or 10 hours away, and we had to be at the venue ready to set-up at 4 PM the next day. We left Colorado Springs around midnight, giving us 14 hours. Essentially, our plan was to drive all night, get to the hotel in SLC in the early afternoon, and then proceed to the show. We stopped at a Wal-Mart to grab some late night food and drink. There was a huge red-tailed Fox running around the parking lot, it was clearly his turf so we didn't mess with him. After eating, we folded our back seat into a bed, said farwell to the fox, and started the drive.
Well, wouldn't you know it, as soon as we hit the interstate our loveable, english-accented GPS navigator Tom stopped working - entirely. It seemed as if a comet had smashed into the satelitie somewhere in orbit, leaving us with absolutly no signal, and no idea how the hell to get to Salt Lake City from Colorado. You'd think we'd keep a map or an atlas for times like this, right? Right, ofcourse we would. We think of everything - always be prepared, anything that can happen , will happen, blah blah blah. We didn't have a f*%#ing atlas. Liam managed to navigate us to a gas station in Boulder, Colorado, eventually, where we bought an atlas, and in turn the gas station attendant bought our two albums (thanks man). We managed to navigate ourselves BACK onto the proper interstate, and after about a 1.5 hour detour, we were back on the right track. Liam drove for another 3 or 4 hours, drinking about the same number of Monster energy drinks to keep him alert/wired.

After several shift changes, a few hundred miles of awesome Wyoming mountain ranges and meeting a touring bluegrass band at a gas station, we finally arrived in Salt Lake City at around 1 PM, the next day. We went to the hotel, checked in, drank some coffee and hit the pool before leaving for the show. At the time of writing, we are hanging out at the SLC venue, getting ready to do our soundcheck. Check back tomorrow to find out what goes down!

(If you have pictures of us from the tour, please e-mail them to and we'll post them on

Day 6

Keeping this short and sweet, because techincally we covered most of Day 6 in yesterdays blog (that's what happens when you stay up driving all night).
In The Venue, the name of the hall we played in Salt Lake City, was awesome. The place was huge, with a 1000+ capacity, and a giant stage as well.
This in particular was a welcome change, because we didn't have much room to work with on the last two stages in Colorado. We went on a little bit earlier than scheduled, at the request of Twiztid's satge manager Jubal, who is an awesome guy which makes it really hard to say no to him. We obliged, and started pumping out the jams around 8:05. Our set was near flawless, and we saw the best crowd reaction we've recieved yet. Afterwards, we considered that it was likely one of the biggest shows we've ever played. It is getting harder and harder to top these shows! The Juggalo's didn't stop coming up to our booth to buy merch, sign mailing lists, or just say hello until the Venue was closed and they started throwing people out. It was awesome, thank you SLC. Matte and Roge' both experienced a failed attempt at being pick pocketed, by some random drunk guy who obviously wanted our wallets (or just our bums). Word to any thieves out there - touring musicans don't have any money. Robbing us is useless!
Twiztid's tour manager, Ash, also gets extra special props today for hooking us up with free dinner at the venue, which we actually didn't get to eat until back at the hotel. You're the man Ash!

We recieved a pretty awesome show review by our homeboy Trenchfoot over at, thanks man! Check it out right here.
Day 7 will have us playing in Boise, Idaho and we will also be posting the first VIDEO BLOG of the tour, so make sure you watch.
(We will be posting the Video Blogs once a week to give you a visual taste of what we've been up to out here on the road.)
Hit us up with your tour photos, we want to post them on! E-mail if you got 'em!

Day 7

HEY! Our new video blog has been posted on our homepage - if it's not displayed directly above this blog, then just click here to see it! Watch, watch it again, then share it with friends. It's the polite thing to do.

Moving on...
The drive from SLC to Boise, Idaho was fairly uneventful. We have never played or visited Idaho before, so it was cool to get to see some of the countryside before we rolled into Boise. The venue was killer! The knitting factory was a nice big place, and we had a proper green room backstage which made everything a little more comfortable.
Turnout was not as strong as the other shows had been, but to say it was a bad gig couldn't be more untrue. It was hands down the craziest sunday show we've ever seen!
People in Idaho showed us mad love, which we gratefully returned to them. We officially sold out of shred skeleton gloves; the juggalo's have been cleaning us out of merch, which is a wonderful problem to have. Props to our new homeboy Koshir for opening the Boise show, and his merch girl Liz for being super cool to us all night. We also owe a huge debt to Twiztid's Truck driver, Chuckles, for recommending an alternate route to Montana after the show.
The route we WERE supposed to take was through the mountains. Overnight, the road became engulfed in a serious snow storm, and there were reports of falling rock debris and full blown whiteouts. Chuckles knew this, and warned us to drive the longer, yet much safer route, which we were happy to do. We owe you one buddy!!!
Playing in Missoula, Montana on Day 8. 1 Week anniversary show!!! Check back for more updates!

Day 8

Although we took the Chuckles-approved, longer but safer route to Missoula, we still did see some rough weather - snow in the mountains!
Nothing too serious, however it was a pretty strong reminder that yes, it is November, and yes, winter is coming. Lucky for us, we'll be spending a few weeks in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, so we get to escape it a little longer.

When we arrived in Missoula, we hit a merchandise retailer first, where we purchased some new gloves, bandannas, and other cool stuff that we have been using to spruce up our merch booth. We also made a trip to Wal-Mart, where we purchased some food and other things - other things including an Iron Maiden T-Shirt, the Rambo collection on Blue Ray, and beer. Wal-Mart is our new go-to place for pretty much everything, mainly because there's about 4 Wal-Mart’s in every town in America, and they're have ridiculously low prices on everything in the universe. We know it's run by greedy corporate monsters, but frankly we're too broke to care.
After the Wal-Mart trip we met up at our friend Liz's place, who we met the night before in Boise. She and her two lovely daughters Hannah and Sophie made us pizza and made us feel right at home. This just reaffirms our belief that people in Montana are the nicest people in the world - for more on this subject; see our tour blogs from the Drop EP Tour. Anyways, after the pizza we headed to the Wilma's, the venue for the night. Awesome, old-style large theatre, with balcony seating and huge ceilings. Beautiful building. We were stoked too, because we had our own shower room backstage! It's the little things that really impress us. The staff was really great, excellent sound guys, stage hands and techs. Backstage was really dark, however - Roge' and Charlie had to tear down and pack the gear by flashlight, which is always alot*.

Our homeboy Koshir opened the show again, this time with his main man Bionic on the 1's and 2's. It was another early show, we hit the stage around 7, and as usual we proceed to destroy the stage by jumping, screaming, and sweating all over it. The Juggalo's approved. Our homeboy DJ Clay has been taking the stage right after us every night; he's an awesome DJ and really cool, down to earth guy. He's been giving us onstage props since the tour started, so here's us giving him some props in return. (For all our DJ readers and fans, check out his new mix tape that drops on December 7th.)

The turnout in Missoula was probably the lowest yet, but on a tour where we've played to over 1000 people on some nights, that really doesn't say much. It was a very live crowd, and our merch and album sales had a crazy per capita ratio. In fact, merch sales have been going so well that we've had to put in another order for more t-shirts! (we've some rad new colours up in our Shop, check out our holiday deals.)

Liz offered us a place to stay, so we decided to take her up on the offer and not sleep at a hotel, or in the van. For the first time since the tour started, we got to sit down, relax, and enjoy some food and a few beverages. We've got a Day off on Day 9, so we're going to catch up on some much needed rest and work. I suppose somewhere in there we'll be driving to Spokane, Washington for the show on Day 10 as well. Catch up with us then!

Day 9

Yeah! DAY OFF!!!
We don't want to sound ungrateful here - we're not jaded rock stars who act like being on the road is beneath them. Far from it. To be on tour is our dream, and we love every second of it, love the shows, love the venues, love the lifestyle. But it's HARD WORK, and we get tired, like most humans do. So once in a while, you gotta reset the batteries. We woke up at Liz's place, and had an awesome day lounging around with her daughters and her roommate Hillary. They made us probably the best damn breakfast burritos in the world. Koshir stopped by with his entourage, as they were busy filming a music video. We didn't see the finished product, but hopefully it all comes together for him, awesome guy. Some of us hit the music store, Mike got some highlights done, we watched Toy Story 3, Robin Hood (Disney version), and Dumb and Dumber. It was an incredible day of straight chillin, and we totally needed it. Thanks so much to Liz and Hillary for opening their home to us, and making us feel like regular people for a day.

We piled back into the van and drove west to Spokane, Washington. The drive through the Montana and Idaho mountains was breathtaking, by the way. Maybe that's why Montana people are so friendly...everywhere you look it's just so damn nice, it's hard to be in a bad mood. When we rolled up to the hotel in Spokane, we discovered that the Twiztid convoy was staying at the same joint as us. Chuckles did us a solid favour and let two of us crash in his room, cuz he had an extra bed. He saved us from floor sleep, thus he is the man. We spent the night doing laundry, watching YouTube videos and reading. You can't make these wild stories up. Liam, Roge' and C-mack did actually enjoy a few brews at the hotel bar, where some sunglasses retail dudes hooked us up with some complimentary shades. Back to playing shows tomorrow - looking forward to rocking off the rust we've accumulated from the I guess it hasn't been that long.
Peep our serious holiday deals that are up in our Shop! And, if you haven’t watched our new tour video yet, check it! It's right here. See you on Day 10!

(To read the rest of our tour blogs, please visit the Tour Blog section).

Day 10

We have arrived, ladies and gentlemen, into the double digits of this tour. And still no van trouble to speak of (knocking on wood). Things are looking good!
Ten is a great number, too, for many reasons. It's divisible by 5, and 2. It's easy to spell. Socks often come in packs of ten. Lots of good things begin with the word ten, as well...Tennis...Tent...Ten get the idea. We started out the day with an AWESOME breakfast, I am very happy to report that there was sausage, eggs, and good coffee. And, seeing as how we were already in Spokane, we didn't have to drive anywhere. So we hung around the hotel, did some computer stuff, discussed some things about the tour, mailed out some t-shirts (our holiday specials are up in our shop, there are some really cheap deals if you want to get the kids something for x-mass, and help us out at the same time ;)

We played at the knitting Factory...same venue name as the place in Boise, Idaho. I realized that it is a chain of venues across the states, and we'll be playing one in Reno, as well. Weird. The Wal-Mart of concert halls, if you will. As of late, we have been getting free food at the venues - Boots simply asked for it the other night, and they hooked it up! Pretty much the same thing has been happening every night. Squeaky wheels get greased, or whatever the saying is. We also got hooked up with a free case of iced, Pabst Blue Ribbon tall cans (thought of you, Mr. Jay Psyhk, get your Korean students to order some MP3's already!) The opening band didn't show up, so this meant that we would be going on a little earlier. This was new, we've always been the 2nd act since the tour started, but we were up for the change. So we hit the stage as the opening act, promptly tearing the roof off. Hats off to the sounds techs at the Knitting Factory, James and Bill, for doing an excellent job and being the coolest sound guys ever.
We crushed our old merch sales record after our performance, which left us all with a pretty big smile. People were getting rowdy too - there were a few fights during the show, a couple of which were taking place right in front of our booth! Some really awesome people came to hang out with us and support us - extra special props to our new friend Beki who bought like, two of everything that we had at our merch table. After the show, we had a few beers in our dressing room and kicked it with DJ Clay for a while, we gotta thank him for hooking us up with the mix tapes! We'll be blasting those in the tour van for sure. Back to the hotel where we sleep and prepare for our first show in one of America's most important rock n' roll meccas - Seattle. Check it!

Twiztid Tour 2010: Day 11-20

Day 11

Seattle has always been a city that we, as rockers, have wanted to leave a mark in. Afterall, the list of influential and important musical artists that have come from the city is long and impressive - Pearl Jam, Sound Garden, Alice in Chains, Queensrÿche, Nirvana, CandleBox, and even Sir Mix-A-Lot comes from Seattle. Some music "experts" may argue that the cities music scene is long past its prime, but if a regular thursday night is anything like what we experienced, then Seattle is doin' just fine.

We left Spokane early in the morning, and ordered ANOTHER run of t-shirts. Our merch has literally been flying off the board. Fast forward to our arrival in Seattle - kinda rainy, gloomy, wet and cold. In addition, the venue had been changed last minute from the Showbox SoDo, to Studio 7 (both were in an industrial park). Studio 7 is a classic, grimy, cement floored, two story rock bar with a cool twist - it doubles as rehearsal space for up and coming Seattle bands. Something like 15 huge rooms available for monthly rental in the backstage area, where the band keeps all their gear, and have keys to access the place so you can literally practice here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It was a very cool set-up.

The hazer (smoke machine) had been blaring full force when we arrived, and shortly before our sound check the fire department showed up. They asked me if I smoked, (no) had I been smoking (no), where did I smoke at (I didn't), why would I smoke inside (what?)Interrogated by the firefighters! They weren't playing around either. If that's what the firemen are like, I'd hate to meet the Seattle Police.

One thing about Studio 7 - it was COLD. Damn cold! Backstage was freezing, but that problem melted away as soon as we stepped onstage in front of a packed room full of 600 writhing bodies...Our sets are starting to seem almost involuntary - we get up there and the songs just start pouring out of us, it's a very fluid performance and we can feel our show getting better and better each night. After 38 of these shows we'll be a well-oiled machine, no doubt. The juggalos were not deterred by the rain and cold weather outside - if anything, I think it made them go crazier. Seattle may have been the best show since SLC, but it's impossible to tell. Definitely a highlight of the tour.
We met some fellow Canadians too, seeing as how we were only a short trip to the Canadian border. Always nice to see some of our countrymen (or in this case, countrywomen) out on the road.

We left the venue, just as the 2nd round of police cars and ambulances were showing up (we didn't find out why), and then proceeded to hit Wal-Mart, and discovered that it WASN'T 24 hours. What?!?! We didn't even know those existed. It hurt. To make matters worse, we could find nothing else open except gas stations. We were so sad we just went back to the hotel and had sleep for dinner. If you want to make sure this doesn't happen again, please visit our shop and buy one of our holiday packages :)
Tomorrow is Friday, and Portland, Oregon promises to be a big one. Headed south again! See you then.

Day 12, 13
The reason that we're linking these two days together is because they were pretty much one long day...that is to say, after our show in Portland, we drive right through to Reno. But before all that...

We drove to Portland, Oregon, and we discovered that Portland is awesome. It has a really unique flair to it, and about ten people told us about how awesome Portland's donuts are. Matte and Roge' wanted to check out the world famous Burnside Skateboard park, but time restrictions didn't allow it. We'll check it next time! Meanwhile, the Roseland theatre was one HELL of a venue, and the staff there was awesome. It’s the kind of room that just reeks of extraordinary past performances, the kind of room you wish had talking walls so you could listen to all the crazy stuff that had gone in there. Surely, we would have given the walls a new story to tell. For the second time of the tour, we were the first act of the night, and for the second time again, we were accepted into the family by 600 screaming juggalos.

I want to stress this - It is very difficult to try to explain on a blog how great these shows have been for our group. It's not just a string of "great shows" that is really making this tour worthwhile for us, but rather it is the incredible exposure we are gaining through this tour as a whole. Already, in less than two weeks we have played for close to 5000 new audience members. We have sold hundreds of CD's and shirts, and the reality is that our music is circulating around major markets all over the United States.
The best part is, we have 30 cities yet to play. By then we will have injected our music directly into the hands of music buying fans in literally every corner of the country. You can't put a price on this kind of exposure. Truthfully, it is exactly the type of opportunity that we have been working diligently towards over the last 4 years. We'd like you all to know we are out here every single day working as hard as we can to make the most of this opportunity!

Having said all that - it really WAS an awesome show that night in Portland ;)

Our homeboy DJ Clay came up and rocked with us during our sound check, it was pretty dope. It reminded of us of the days of old when DJ Smooth was a part of our group, way back in the early days. Later on during the actual show, DJ Clay unveiled a new track to the world during his set - something from his upcoming mix tape "Book of The Wicked, Vol. II". Really fresh, that's all I can say.

After the show, we decided to leave Portland and drive to Reno...something like 1,100 km. We had the next two nights off, and our next show wasn't until Monday night, in Reno. Rather than spend the night in Portland and waste one of our days off driving, we'd do most of it in the night.
We drove straight from about 1 until 7:30 in the morning, where we stopped at a hotel in California for a patented MLSF tour trick - the "pretend you stayed the night so you can get free breakfast" routine. We had already been driving/sleeping all night, so the look-like-you-just-woke-up part of this scheme was easy. We'd like to thank the Marriott for the Orange Juice, Fruit, Coffee and the Apple Jacks! And the rest of the drive was incredible, northern California is beautiful. Same goes for Nevada, we actually took a detour through the Lake Tahoe region - stunning. Tons of snow up there too, it took every ounce of strength for Roge' to not jump out of the van and retreat to the mountains, snowboard in hand (no doubt Liam and Matte would have been close behind). We arrived at our hotel finally after about 17 hours in the van, and we actually intended to stay in this one. We grabbed some beer from Wal-Mart and sprung for a 6 person suite - so none of us will be sleeping on the floor for the next 3 nights.
It's a nice place, too - Liam specifically took notice of the nice "buildmanship" in the bathroom. (Spend 17 hours driving across the mountains in a van with your band, and see what kind of words YOU make up.)

We're going to be relaxing for the rest of the night, and kicking it most of tomorrow too. We'll post something for you then!
Day 14
A real day where we didn't have to drive ANYWHERE. Amazing. We really needed it, especially after that brutal drive from the day before!
Let's review the things we did -
We woke up, enjoyed hot breakfast. Then we kind of puttered around the internet for a while, doing some band work, checking e-mails, all that.
Being Sunday, there was a lot of football being watched. C-Mack and Roge' gave the tour van a cleaning, because honestly, 6 guys in a van for 17 hours straight will really mess a van up. We took advantage of the hotels exercise facilities and worked out. We went swimming, and played Marco polo. Boots, Liam and Roge' decided to partake in some Nevada pastimes, and wandered across the road to a 24 Casino. We lost 5 dollars, collectively. We met the cleaning girls, and sang them a song in exchange for t-shirt sales. In turn, they gave us a free, late check-out time (thanks :) We made some phone calls and caught up with our loved ones back home. At one point, we saw three people on horses ride casually past our hotel on a dirt trail (Nevada is awesome). Hit wal-mart again, and purchased cheap beer (Beer is awesome). Breakfast sandwiches were constructed in the morning, and eaten throughout the day. Speaking of breakfast, Matte put up a video blog yesterday too - to watch our "day in the life" video, click here! The R & R was much needed, but the vaca was short lived. We still have something like 5 weeks of this sucker to get through! Reno show is Day 15, and then this week we'll be playing San Francisco, LA, Vegas, Phoenix, and more.
Yep - we're stoked. Don't forget to check out our holiday specials in our shop!

Day 15

We'd like to give a shout-out to our main man Steven, a worker at a California Jack in the Box After the show in Reno, Steve hooked us up with free fries because we told him that we were on tour with Twiztid. See, it's small acts of kindness - such as this one - that make all the difference to a touring band like us. Free "anything" is pretty exceptional. Especially free food! We also accept free lodging, beer, coffee and advice.
The day started out with some free food too (continental breakfast), and then our friends in the cleaning staff hooked us up with a free late checkout. Finally we said goodbye to the hotel that had been our home for the last three days, and hit the road for the Knitting Factory in downtown Reno. But first, we had some business to attend to - we had to pick up our new shirts! We had enlisted the services of a local printing and graphics company to do a re-print of our t-shirts. We stopped in Sparks, Nevada and met Dave and Sharon Blount at a gas station near the interstate. The t-shirts (all 100 of them) looked great, so we thanked the Blounts and continued on our way. (If you'd like to order one of our shirts, please support us by purchasing one in our shop!)
They call Reno "The biggest little city in the world". We know this because there's a huge sign with flashing, blinking lights over the main downtown strip with these very words sprawled across it (see the pic in our photo section). It's the birthplace of the casino/gambling giant Harrah's, and is essentially a smaller version of Vegas, as far as we could tell. Lots of lights, bars, casinos, strip clubs, etc...In short, Reno is our kind of town. Load in, set up, sound-check, and get ready for doors. For some reason, the opening band dropped out AGAIN, so we're going on first for the third time.
This whole trend of opening bands dropping out at the last minute is really confusing to us. Why would a band work so hard to get an opening slot in their hometown, opening for a major recording artist, with the potential to play in front of hundreds of new fans...and then cancel last minute? (Emergencies excluded). Whenever our group has been given an opportunity like that in the past, we always make sure to capitalize on it, and to see other bands just ignore these opportunities is puzzling.

Anyways - on a tour like this, two days without a show feels like a really long time, so it felt pretty damn good to get out there and start killing it again. The juggalo's were, as always, an awesome crowd and down with the MLSF sound. For the record, we'd like to thank the staff at all the Knitting Factory venues we've played (we've been in 3 of the 6 across the USA). Their sound techs, stage managers, security, runners and even bartenders/waitresses are always very professional, friendly and helpful, all qualities we appreciate. Monday night shows are tough sometimes, given that it's right after the weekend and most people don't feel like going out, spending money, or anything of the sort. But not the Juggalos! They come out in full force and really throw it down, and for the hundredth time we'd like to thank them for being such a musically enthusiastic family.
Show finished, we piled into the van and started to drive to our hotel in Auburn, California (not before stopping at jack in the box...thanks again, Steve). Thanks Nevada, it's been a nice stay. We'll see you in Vegas on the 18th! We arrived at the hotel, did a bed bug check, and after determining that the room was safe, we killed the lights. Morning comes way too fast in this job.
San Francisco, and the famous Regency Ballroom is in store for MLSF on Day 16. See you then!

Day 16

What a day! We woke up and proceeded to breakfast, as usual, in the hotel breakfast lobby. However, we failed to mention to the hotel keeper that there were 6 of us staying in a 4 person room. Apparently, he was very concerned about the amount of breakfast food the 6 of us were consuming. So concerned, in fact, that he confronted us in the breakfast room and might have embarrassed or even intimidated a lesser band. But, MLSF are not ones to be intimidated, especially over breakfast. Boots calmed the hotel owner down, and everything was cool afterwards (turns out the guy had just been working for like 14 hours straight – long shift, no doubt). The breakfast incident behind us, we proceeded to San Francisco.
San Fran rules! The venue was the Regency Ballroom, and the place is absolutely stunning. Inside, there were huge balconies, high ceilings, incredible sound and an enormous stage. Truly, it’s a world class venue and we were honoured to be playing at it. We showed up a little early, however, so we hoofed it down to Fisherman’s Wharf, right in the heart of the San Francisco harbour. This spot has classic views of the city sky line, the Golden Gate Bridge, the boat yard, and, of course, the infamous island prison of Alcatraz. We goofed around on the wharf for a while, did some typical tourist photo shoots and then headed back to the venue for sound-check.

The sound in the Regency Ballroom is amazing – match those great acoustics with a group of sound technicians who really know what they’re doing, and you’ve got a really, really good thing going. We were happy with the sound and couldn’t wait to kill the stage again. First up was Kung Fu Vampire – the only other actual BAND with instruments that we’ve seen on the whole tour! They were great too, thanks to Kung Fu Vampire for warming the crowd up. When it was our turn to hit the stage, we didn’t receive the same response we have been getting used to since the tour started. You might say it was a tough crowd in San Fran. But this is all just part of being a touring band, and these kinds of nights are expected from time to time. We stuck around, as usual, until the end of the night, and met some new fans and also got to hang out with some of our friends who came to the Reno show too. We decided to drive from San Fran to Los Angeles overnight, so we got in the van and pushed through to the morning. We were greeted in LA by sunny skies, warm weather, and...TRAFFIC!!! Gotta love huge cities. No, really, we were really stoked to finally be there. LA is a city well-known throughout the world for producing music legends, and to play in a real LA club on the Strip is a dream for many musicians all over the world – ourselves included. We pulled into the hotel in Pomona and decided to catch a cat nap before hitting up the Key Club. The hot weather is really making it easy for us to forget that it’s almost winter in Canada. Check back tomorrow to see how it goes in West Hollywood!

Day 17

The drive from Pomona to Hollywood was pretty classic – our bands first drive down the sunset strip was the usual clatter of picture taking from inside the van. The Key Club was awesome – we got there and unloaded and quickly began setting up for our first gig in Hollywood. The stage was big, the sound was great, the staff was pro, and there was free food for us...and I don’t think I need to tell you about free food. While we did setup/sound check, Liam took the van to pick up some drum equipment on behalf of C-Mack over to his new cymbal endorser, TRX Cymbals. C will soon be part of their Rising Stars program, and we’re very stoked about that.
The show went forward, and there were a lot of people crammed into the Key Club. We were a little anxious moments before we played, on account of the tough crowd we had in San Fran, but no doubt as soon as the lights came on and we hit the stage, it was back to business – we delivered at the Key Club, and the Juggalos were all over it. Thanks Hollywood! We’d like to thank Twista Jaye, a sunset local, who stopped by our merch booth and dropped off a whole bunch of complimentary treats for the fans. You gotta love these people.
After our show, we finally had an encounter with Paul Methric (Monoxide) from Twiztid, behind the venue. It was cool to finally get to meet him and hang for a few minutes, we were starting to wonder if we would just be doing the whole tour without seeing these guys at all! At that point, we decided to take a trip over to the Rainbow Room, right next door to the Key Club. The Rainbow is a legendary rock hang out, with a long list of huge names in rock n’ roll that call themselves regulars. Wild nights at the Rainbow have been written about in just about every book ever written by or about musicians from LA. The only rockers in attendance that night, however, appeared to be us. No sweat, the novelty wasn’t lost on us. We stuck around for a beer and then proceeded down the street to another famous rock spot, The Viper Room. We barely made last call, though, so we only stayed for long enough to crush one round and then headed back to the van. Liam bought a star-map and wanted to go harass all his favourite rock stars living in the area, but we didn’t think it was a good idea. Back to the hotel for us, where we immediately crashed out. Vegas tomorrow, and our debut at The House of Blues. It’s been a long time coming!

Day 18

Nothing like a drive through the Nevada desert to start your day! We crushed the drive from LA to Vegas, and got to the House of Blues with plenty of time to spare. HOB is another one of these venues that you’ll find all across the USA, like the Hard Rock Cafe, only it’s actually a legitimate music venue with real sound techs, real stages, and they put on real shows. There’s nothing tacky or gimmicky about House of Blues – just straight music, and we are fully down with that. We were ultra stoked to have a whole crew of our friends fly into Vegas from Windsor, and AlerG and Matte were probably the most stoked of all thanks to their girlfriends flying in for the show. This is a testament to the fact that we may have the best fans in the world – they’ll fly halfway across the continent to party and rock out with us for one night in Vegas. Awesome. The energy was great in Vegas and we were once again received warmly by the Juggalos. It was kind of weird though, because our merch booth was essentially right into the middle of the Mandalay Bay Casino among the slot machines and the tables. It definitely didn’t deter us any from selling our stuff, but it was probably the strangest merch set-up we’ve ever seen. When all was said and done, we had three new “first” titles conquered – first show in a Casino, first show in Vegas, and our first show at a House Of Blues. Three birds with one stone.
Afterwards, we kind of split up for the evening – G and Matte departed to spend a night with their girlfriends. Roge’ went to join forces with friends from Windsor who had flown in for the show. C-Mack and Boots opted to head back to the hotel and sleep off a long day, while Liam decided to take on the strip by himself...but that’s a whole other story. Good times were had by all, thanks Vegas. We regrouped at 7:00 AM and headed straight into the desert for Tempe, Arizona.

Day 19

Arizona rules for driving through – there are deserts, mountains, huge canyons, valleys and other awesome things that make driving long distances a little easier. Some of us more than others took advantage of the long drive from Vegas to Tempe to catch up on lost sleep – we had, after all, just spent the night in Vegas. We cruised down the infamous route 66 all the way to Tempe, where we piled out of the van, sweaty, smelly but ultimately ready to kick some ass.
The venue, the Marquee Theatre, was absolutely massive. It reminded me a bit of Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, in that it was just a huge, massive room. And the fans came out in droves, too. Almost 1000 showed up for the show. Among them, Boots’ brother Sasha came out from Phoenix. Sash is an old friend of MLSF and long-time supporter of our movement. He hung with us backstage for a while, cracking jokes and making us all laugh really hard.
Doors opened, and it was the best attended show we’ve seen probably since Salt Lake City – nearly 1000 kids showed up to get rocked in Tempe. We took the stage and did our thing as usual, and Arizona’s Juggalos got down with us in a big way! It’s an incredible feeling to have such a large number of people in front you, all rocking out to your music regardless of the fact it’s the first time they’ve heard it. Truthfully, it’s why we do what we do.
There were some crazy technical issues after we played – actually, they were really only during Twiztid’s set. The second, and I mean the second their first song started, the entire sound system went down and the fire alarms started going off. The crowd, as you can imagine, wasn’t too happy and some people were throwing things at the stage, some even left the venue, so we made sure to sell them MLSF shirts as they stormed off (ps we picked up new shirts in Arizona too, we now have purple shirts in our shop). But, the sound problem only lasted about ten minutes and the crowd seemingly forgave the technical hiccup as soon as they started playing again. After the show, we followed Sasha to his friend Amir’s place where we hung out for maybe an hour, and listened to Sash tear it up on his violin that we had brought with us all the way from Windsor. It was nice being inside a building that wasn’t a hotel, venue or restaurant for a little while, sometimes on the road you forget what it’s like to be in someone’s home. We had to jet though, given that there was another all night drive to Farmington, New Mexico waiting for us when we got in the van. Day 20 approaches!

Day 20

Ah, the all night drive. You might ask us why we do these so often. Generally, we drive all night because the alternative would be renting a hotel room, but having to wake up at some ungodly hour like 5 or 6 AM and drive most of the next day anyway. When you consider that we usually don’t get out of the venues until around midnight, this is not such a good deal for us. Hotel’s do offer breakfast, and as most of our readers know we are big fans of this meal – but, if you play your cards right, you can get free hotel breakfast even if you don’t stay in the hotel. Yes, on day 20 we again pulled off our favourite trick in the book, and enjoyed the continental offerings at a Ramada in some strange town along the way. (When we’re big and famous with money, we promise to come back and rent some rooms.)

We arrived in Farmington a little earlier than anticipated. The venue was called Gator’s Bar & Grill – a little bit different than most of the other venues we’ve been playing at. It was especially strange because Gator’s neither sold alcohol or food, which you will probably agree is unusual for a Bar & Grill. But hey, they had free internet so we weren’t complaining. We hung around almost all day working on various online projects. We also had to get some stone chip repair done on our mighty chariot – some pebble or rock got wise in Arizona and decided to jump up in the middle of the interstate and chip our windshield. We also figured it was time for an oil change too, cuz at this point we’ve already racked up close to 10,000 miles on our newest member of the team.

The strange nature of the venue didn’t do anything to hurt the number of Juggalos in attendance – far from it. In a small city we’ve never heard of, probably a good 600-700 came out to celebrate Saturday night with the World of Webs tour. We had some sound issues, and some stage issues, given that we had very little room on the stage to work with, but this did not stop us from delivering our set-list with full force. It was probably the rowdiest crowd we’d seen yet, and at times they seemed to move, jump, sway and breathe as one, it was really crazy to see. This was our sixth show in a row since Reno, and we had all been feeling it prior to the show, but that feelings tends to fade pretty fast the moment you step onstage. As cliché or corny as it sounds, the music really does just take over, and you forget everything else but just playing the song at hand.

After the show, we found about a million (ok, maybe 10) squad cars hanging around the venue. We have noticed a heavy police presence at a lot of the shows, not that anybody has needed them. We, however, had no reason to stay and watch what might happen, so we hit the road pronto (after stopping at an all night Wal-mart, of course). And wouldn’t you know it, we had another all night drive ahead of us...San Antonio was about 1600 km away from us. Here we come, Texas!

Twiztid Tour 2010: Day 21 - 30

Day 21
This would be a day off if we didn’t have to be in San Antonio by Monday afternoon. We decided after leaving Gator’s that we would drive MOST of the way, and get a hotel about 3 hours from San Antonio. So we hit the road, and what a long road it was. I’ll save you the boring details of the 1300 km drive from Farmington, New Mexico to Sonora, Texas. It wasn’t that interesting.
We arrived in Sonora and dropped our bags and basically immediately fell onto the beds – we hadn’t seen real beds since Friday morning in Vegas, and here it was Sunday evening. Boots made a generous offer to take us out for Pizza, and as luck would have it, there was a Pizza Hut right next door. We chowed down at the Hut in a big way – it’s good to eat real food once in a while. Afterwards, we retired to the hotel room where we kicked back and enjoyed School of Rock and tried, unsuccessfully, to drink some beer (too much pizza, there wasn’t much room left for carbonated beverages). Then, as we were getting ready to crash for the night, we noticed something a little unsettling – there was a scorpion crawling around on our floor. Welcome to Texas. We got some footage of the little critter and then promptly sent him hell, or wherever it is you go when Liam stomps on you with his shoes. Everybody else went to sleep, except for Roge’, who decided against sleeping on the floor with the scorpions and ran off to the van to sleep on the backseat bed, but not before being ridiculed by his band mates. What are friends for, right?
Tomorrow we finish the drive to San Antonio and prepare for a 3-show run in Texas. Giddy-up!

Day 22
We’re happy to report nobody was poisoned by Scorpions last night. Matte found a pretty huge spider in his pants the next morning, but it didn’t bite/sting/ or kill him, so we were in pretty high spirits about that. Continental breakfast? Check. Sweltering Texas heat? Check. Leftover pizza from the Hut? Well...sort of check. We brought it outside, set it on top of the trailer, and drove away. Maybe the Scorpions got it. We’ll never know. 
The drive was to San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio is so far south, that some parts of Mexico are actually North of it, so needless to say it was really, really hot. Even in November. The club was this really cool, big concrete complex called the White Rabbit. There was an outdoor merch section, a pizzeria, two stages, and the whole place was decked out in graffiti and visual artworks by a local artist whose name escapes me...but the pieces on the walls were amazing, and apparently he just comes in every couple months and does it all over. Lot’s of character in there, and the staff was super cool to us – serious props to our homeboy Pizzaman Dan who gave us the mad hook up on the pie! 
The club was a little smaller, so less people looks like more. But the 300 or so people we played to felt more like 1000 – they were loud, obnoxious, enthusiastic, and above all, crazy. Absolutely, 100%, fully-invested CRAZY. On a Monday night! If that’s how San Antonio gets down on Monday, it must be Mardi Gras every Saturday. In addition to the awesome, there was no barricade in front of the stage, so they were flat against the front of the stage, up close and personal. It makes for a more intense, intimate show, and helps close the gap between performer and fan. It was really hot and sweaty in there when the bodies got moving, it was easily the hottest show we’ve played since the tour began (for the record, it was 84 degrees Fahrenheit in San Antonio, which is roughly 29 degrees Celsius). 
Afterwards we kicked it outside in the merch area for most of the night, hanging with our new Texas friends, slangin’ CD’s and t-shirts. At one point we got into a throwing match with Twiztid’s merch guy, Tommy, and we flung quarter-page flyers at each other from across the courtyard. Picture a snowball fight, but instead of snow forts, we had merch tables, and instead of snowballs, we had flyers. No eyes were maimed, lost or poked out in the process (Mom’s, relax). 
Afterwards we packed it up and headed back to the show – thanks again to Dan and our bros in the pizza shop, those pizza’s were awesome, and the shirts are rad! All in all, the first Texas show was great – tomorrow, we’ll see how they get down in Houston. Check it out!

Day 23

Houston, here we come. I am going to refrain from making any “Houston, We have a problem” jokes or any other references to Apollo 13, NASA or Space Travel at all, because I’m sure the locals like those jokes as much as we like Americans asking us “what it’s all aboooot, ehhh????”. Sometimes you gotta take the comedic high road, and to be honest, we’re not that funny anyway. 
No more Scorpions in our San Antonio hotel room, although AlerG did give us a false alarm at one point. After breakfast, it was back in the van and on the road to Houston. It was hot enough that we had to crank up the air conditioning. AIR CONDITIONING! This is a huge luxury for us, especially when I think back to our 2009 tour when we were driving around Tennessee during a heat wave in July with no A.C. The Bad Mobile (our ex-tour van) will always have a place in MLSF history, but we prefer the new van, especially when it is blasting cold air at our faces. It’s the little things in life, folks. I don’t know who coined that phrase, but I’m willing to bet they were probably talking about air conditioning. 
When we arrived at the Warehouse Live in Houston, we discovered we would be playing on the smallest stage YET of the tour. We literally had about 3 or 4 square feet (less maybe) for each member to work with. No trouble – for anyone who’s ever seen us live, you know that when we can’t move side to side, we just start moving up and down. Ideally, the crowd follows. And they did in Houston. It was another no-local support show, so we hit the stage first, slaying ear drums and promoting crowd carnage at a professional level. The juggalo’s bombarded us with the “Family” chant several times during our set, which ultimately means we had been accepted and they were down with our sound. Every show is a trial, in a sense, and Houston’s jury found us guilty of kicking ass all over that little stage. After our performance, we kicked it with more awesome people from Texas, everybody is crazy friendly down here. Check out our photo section to see some of our new friends in action. We did the usual business after the show, then left the venue, stopped at wal-mart, bought some food, hit the hotel, ate some food, and promptly fell asleep. Yep, we’re a wild bunch. Don’t mess with these guys. Especially not tomorrow, on our way to Forth Worth/Austin for our last show in Texas. After this show we have a pretty serious obstacle – a 1,100 + mile drive from Austin to St. Petersburg, Florida. This is probably gonna suck. How much? Wait and see ;) 

Day 24

We tried to enjoy little R&R at the hotel, because we knew we had a serious task ahead of us – after the Fort Worth/Dallas show, we had to literally drive for 24 hours, from Dallas, Texas to St. Petersburg, Florida. So, we had some snacks, watched some TV (Reno 911...good stuff), and tried to relax a little. Strictly business in the AM – woke up, ate breakfast, drove to Fort Worth.
The Ridglea Theatre was another one of these really old looking, theatre-style venues with great sound and a lot of character. The staff was exceptional, helping us load-in, carry gear, set-up, sound check, all with a great attitude. That can go a long way, especially when sometimes (we are courteous enough to not name names) the venues have people working who are clearly more interested in smoking cigarettes and texting on their iPhones than doing their jobs. We’re a band who is used to doing everything on our own, so it’s not a big deal for us to carry our own gear...but having said that, it sure is nice when the stage and sound techs lend a friendly hand. This is exactly what our friends at The Ridglea did.
What an amazing show we had in Fort Worth, it was the rowdiest crowd we’ve seen yet, without a doubt. Again, it was a show without barricades, so the fans are literally at the front of the stage, at our feet. This allows for great stage diving, crowd surfing, and generally crazy things. At one point, we had two of the youngest members in attendance (maybe 8 years old?) crowd surf their way to the stage, so we appointed them honorary members of the band, meaning they got to rock out with us until we were finished playing...but they didn’t wait that long, and decided to stage dive back into the bloodthirsty crowd after a few minutes. Awesome kids, check out the pictures right here! The show allowed us to break our previous merch sales record, so we were pumped afterwards. Good thing, too. After the show we had a serious drive to take care of. We hit a gas station and picked up some snacks, then reluctantly hit the road. The drive was well over 1,100 miles, just under 2000 kilometres. Either way you look at it...that’s a lot of road to cover. We had a day off in between Texas and Florida. The plan was to drive the 24 hours, get to Florida, and then SLEEP. All this during the American Thanksgiving –happy turkey day everyone!

Day 25

There is really not much to report on the drive. It was long. We drove through most of the south – Loiusiana, Mississippi, Alabama, finally getting to Florida. We slept a lot. We stopped for gas a lot too. We listened to the Lions game on the radio. We slept and gassed up. We ate when we were hungry. We just kept going, watching the km drop off the GPS indicator. Along the way we started paying close attention to one of our trailer tires – it was wearing down at a pretty fast rate. We made mental note to fix that when we arrived in St. Petersburg. In short, it was a long, boring drive. And the only thing worse than a long, boring drive is writing and reading about a long, boring drive. So let’s save everybody the pain! We arrived at the hotel in St. Petersburg 24 hours after we left Fort Worth, and WENT TO BED. Thumbs up to bed, screw 24 hour drives, they’re terrible. Day 26 will not have any 24 hour drives.

Day 26

We had a REALLY nice room outside of St. Petersburg, thanks to the kindness of Frank and Anne Santangeli. We woke up, and destroyed the breakfast buffet as we watched the hordes of “Black Friday” shoppers destroy the line ups and sales on TV. It was a beautiful day outside, so we jumped back in the van and drove into the city to get our trailer tires fixed.
The dudes who fixed it were like our own personal pit crew, they had the trailer jacked, tires off, new tires on, and us out the door in about 15 minutes. Awesome!!! We expected that to take a long time. Now we had several hours to kill in beautiful, sunny Florida. We wanted to look fresh, so we took the van and trailer to a car wash and made her shine. With our mighty chariot gleaming in the sun, it only made sense that we should head for the beach. So we did that.
The universe, however, had other plans. As soon as we got within 5 km of the beach, the storm clouds started rolling in, heavily. Thanks Universe! We arrived and parked at the beach just as the first sheets of rain started coming down. Not cool. Luckily, across the street from the beach we found was a place called Screwy Louie’s. This is your typical Florida tiki bar with $1 glasses of beer. We approved, and decided to wait out the rain. The Santangeli’s arrived and joined us as well, and spent some time with us as the weather cleared. We couldn’t stay long however, and we bid farewell to Matte’s grandparents and stopped once more at the beach for about twenty minutes of sun before we hit the venue.
The State Theatre in St. Petersburg was unreal. What a show! The mosh pit took on a life of its own, it was really crazy. Everybody there came to do some damage, I hope everybody survived. It was also the first show AlerG rocked in bare shoes, no shirt, no service? No chance. There were FOUR opening acts, too, which we found to be pretty crazy. One of the 4 groups was Shu-Tang, fronted by James Rietz of the band Crossbreed. Roge’ has been a Crossbreed fan for many years and was pretty stoked to have him in attendance, and was stoked to get the chance to hang out and talk with him afterwards. It’s pretty cool to randomly meet members of your favourite bands on the road. It was an awesome show, no doubt. We had a really great day in Florida, and were a little upset when we had to leave – mostly because we had ANOTHER all night drive to do. Pensacola was almost 800 km away from St. Petersburg, so again we were to drive through the night to arrive at a hotel for early check in. Sweet. Here goes nothing.

Day 27

Somebody smashed into our trailer.
Rewind about 12 hours before this, and we were arriving at our hotel in Pensacola. We ate up some of the instant oatmeal that the unwary hotel staff left in the lobby, and after being unsatisfied with this, Matte, Roge, Boots and AlerG went looking for more sustenance. After walking past 1 bridge inhabited by at least 6 homeless men, we stumbled upon a Hardee’s, which was too expensive. Then we found a McDonalds. , but it was too unappetizing. Finally, we stumbled into a Burger King and had our way with the dollar menu. It was nice, but they didn’t have forks for the salads. We had to eat them with spoons. This is a lot more difficult than it sounds.
Eventually we wandered back to our hotel and got ready for the show. The venue was called the Vinyl Music Hall, and for whatever reason, it didn’t seem like they were very well prepared for the calibre of show that the World of Webs Tour was bringing. The sound guys were running around like chickens with no heads, they had weak security, the stage was small and oddly designed, and they had erected a barricade which was more dangerous than it was anything else. Further more, the head sound guy we dealt with was rude, and he seemed to have no idea what he was doing (later, he had the audacity to ask us for a free shirt). The whole fiasco took so long and was so poorly organized that we nearly were denied a sound check, but luckily the tour manager Ash decided to hold the doors until the sound tech had gotten his act together enough so that we could do a half decent check. Thanks Ash!
The show was pretty good, however. Souljah Priests opened up, and did a pretty good job and getting the crowd pumped up. I think one of their guys actually might have overestimated how pumped they were though, because he staged dived into a section of the audience that did NOT catch him. Hello, floor. Our turn! Despite the stage being totally weird and very, very small, we had a good time and it seemed like the audience did too. We were warned ahead of the show to not incite any moshing or other crazy crowd antics, due to the unreliable and dangerous barricade (we have developed a bit of a reputation on this tour for provoking near-riots in the mosh pit). Despite this, it was still a great performance. There was one stage hand in particular who was really helpful all night long, and at one point during the show, he actually got onstage and tied Roge’s shoelaces for him. Talk about service! That guy deserves a reward, or a promotion, or both.
We did our thing, sold our merch, watched Twiztid for the 20th time, and hung out with some friends/fans. One of Liam’s buddies from an old spring break trip came out to our show, props to Jeff for hanging out with us and picking up some merch! We packed it in and headed to the hotel.
On route to the hotel, we decided to stop and get some gas so that we wouldn’t have to do it in the morning. Save some time, you know? So here we are pumping the gas, sitting in the van, waiting for the ol’ girl to fill up, when suddenly...
Somebody smashed into our trailer.
Two women, who were too busy talking on their phones, were backing up to leave the gas station and rammed us a good one, right at the back of the trailer. Our new, beautiful, shiny trailer. Great. Luckily, there was no damage to the gear inside. All we had was a big gnarly dent in the sheet metal on the trailer door. Nobody was hurt, and there was a little mark on the other car but frankly we didn’t care what the hell kind of shape their car was in. Getting run into while gassing up across the street from our hotel...yes, this seemed more like the kind of luck we are used to. Things were going a little too smoothly there for a while, weren’t they? Anyways everyone was safe and unhurt, which is really the important thing here. Day 28 will bring us to Atlanta. We got Georgia on our minds! See you then.

Day 28
MLSF in Atlanta, Georgia! As we were driving into the city, we discussed Atlanta’s place in music history. To us, Atlanta had been known for some time as a hip-hop city, producing such artists as Ludacris, Usher, and Lil’ Jon, to name just a few, but we were strapped to be able to name any famous rock bands from the city. We did some research and found that many famous rock bands come from Atlanta, including R.E.M., The Black Crowes, Sevendust, Mastadon, and Collective Soul. If anybody can think of any other awesome bands from Atlanta, feel free to post ‘em in the message forum!
Atlanta is HUGE. We knew it was major and all,! This place is really big. Reflecting the size of the city was the venue we were playing at, The Masquerade. It seemed a pretty fitting venue name for a crowd that paints their faces and wears crazy outfits. The Masquerade was apparently an old cotton mill or something like that, an absolutely giant room with ancient wood floors and walls, and a crazy old crane/elevator thing that we used to load in and load out of the second story building. Very cool spot. The crowd was ultra live, too. Seems like big, open rooms that are less polished seem to be the ones where the Juggalos really let themselves get the most crazy, and The Masquerade was no exception. We met some really cool people there, we’d just like to thank everybody who hung out with us and made us feel welcome in Atlanta, you guys are awesome. And di d we mention the catering service??? Hoooo boy...our main brohemian, Tour Manager Ash, hooked it up and we feasted on BBQ chicken, spiced green beans, salads, and homestyle mac and cheese. Offering unlimited portions of fresh food to our band is a move that will seriously deplete any surplus of food. Fair warning! It ended with us headeding back to our hotel, which we are unhappy to announce did NOT have a free breakfast. Lucky for us we nabbed enough chicken to eat for breakfast ? Heading for Charlotte, North Carolina tomorrow!

Day 29

No free breakfast...pffft. To hell with that hotel. We packed up (grumpily) and headed for the van.
So, Charlotte, North Carolina! They have this huge building downtown covered in LED lights, and during the night it changes colour every hour, on the hour. This was about all we learned about Charlotte while we were there, that and it is the 18th most populated city in the USA. It’s a nice town to look at, too. Very beautiful city.
Our venue was Amos Southend, a beautiful place, huge building. Giant main floor with a sizeable upper deck. Awesome people in Charlotte! Super friendly crowd, and nice staff too. Our show was rad, we had killer sound and filled the place up it, which got people jumping, sweating, yelling and screaming, as has become the norm for this tour. If you think about it, really the only place that you can do all four of those things at once and not look like an idiot is at a rock show. Try jumping, sweating, yelling and screaming on the bus or in a grocery store, you’ll see what I mean.
We have been trying not to take these shows for granted – these are some of the biggest, best crowds we have ever played to, and we are blessed to be able to play in front of them every night. The goal is to try to enjoy, cherish, and take advantage of it the same way every single night. In the past, we might get 3 or 4 of these shows a year, and now we’ve played over twenty in a month. We are very grateful for each and every one of them, and that’s the truth!
We had an awesome show, I think Twiztid did too – Jamie Madrox generally addresses the crowd from the stage for about 5 minutes at the end of every show, but lately his routine has been getting longer, and funnier. This guy could probably do stand-up if he woke up one day and realized he couldn’t rap anymore. At one point, he joked about how this guy up on the balcony should jump off, and then next thing you know, the whole crowd is yelling “jump” and there’s a sea of people ready to catch him. Luckily, the guy stayed put. It may have had something to do with the dozen or so bouncers ready to pulverize him, even if the crowd did make the catch.
Thanks Charlotte! We’re approaching the end of a 5-show run, after which we have a day off...a REAL day off. That means no driving! But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. The next show will take place in Norfolk, VA, at a very famous venue, the Norva. Look stoked – we are.

Day 30

Unbelievable, we’re on day 30! That’s wild. Hard to imagine we’ve been out here for a month already. Thanks to everyone who’s sat through these blogs along the way, you’re support is strongly appreciated. If you feel like supporting us a little more, please feel free to visit our shop, and take advantage of the fresh new holiday deals we have available until January!
So, Norfolk was cool, we drove over the harbour and saw some pretty serious looking Navy warships, we were all in agreement that they were pretty badass. The venue seemed to be in the historical section of town as well, among some really cool buildings which had that “really-old-but-recently-restored” look to them. We pulled up in front of The Norva, our home for the next 8 hours. This venue is absolutely stunning. An incredible room, with huge balconies, a giant chandelier, and 50 foot ceiling. The stage was beautiful, and enormous, and the sound guys were awesome too. They allowed our five person band to sound like a thousand in this gigantic room. And talk about the best stage hands ever, these guys were AWESOME! They helped us unload, bring the gear inside, set-up onstage, and afterwards helped us strike from the stage, guarded our gear, helped us load the trailer again, and then bought us a shot. Stage hands bought US a shot. A special thanks to James, the help was very much appreciated. And I haven’t even MENTIONED the backstage yet! This place had everything – pool tables, Foosball, Table Tennis, Arcade games, Leather couches, big screen T.V.’s, Showers, Recliners, Stereo Systems, free refreshments, hot tub, more awesome couches...this backstage was nicer than most homes I’ve been inside. There was even a basketball/squash court, no joke! One of these rooms had drum skins signed by most of the famous bands that been to play at the Norva, and it was probably the most impressive collection I’ve ever seen. But enough, I think you get the picture anyway – the Norva is awesome. We kicked it for a bit after sound check, showered, ate, played some foosball with DJ Clay, and generally enjoyed about 40 minutes of chilling – then it was show time.
We absolutely rocked it, and had a killer reception. The crowd was feeling good, and very live for a tuesday night. It can become difficult after several show days in a row to really give it out there, but as soon as you hit the stage everything generally changes. Adrenaline can do marvellous things! We had a great show and a great merch night as well. People were awesome to us in Norfolk, we officially love Virginia. Big shout out to all the staff at the Norva and to all our new fans from VA, we can’t wait to come back. Day 31 is...A DAY OFF! A real day off, not one of these days off where we have to drive 10,000 miles, but one where we get to relax, drink beer, and more importantly, not drive anywhere. We drove to our good friend Andrew Dera’s house in Delaware, just outside of Dewey Beach, where we’ve been for the Dewey Beach Music Conference twice before. Andrew had offered to put us up for two nights, so we gladly took him up on the offer. We’ll catch up with you in a few days, folks!

Twiztid Tour 2010: Day 31 - Day 40

Day 31

After the Norva, we hightailed it to Andrew’s place and arrived in the middle of the night. Our most glorious host already had beds and sleeping arrangements made, so we went to sleep, and didn’t wake up until the next afternoon. Cheers to sleeping in. We’ve had a few days off in recent weeks, but we have honestly spent almost ALL of those “days off” in the van, driving obscene distances to get to the next town. Truthfully, the last day off we actually got to relax was in Reno, Nevada over two weeks ago. We were due for some R & R. And let me tell you, it’s amazing to actually be inside a HOME for once, and not in a hotel, or in a venue, or in a backstage dressing room, or in a wal-mart. It’s really refreshing to be inside someone’s kitchen, or living room, and to just kind of live normally for a day.
So what did we do besides sleep in? Let’s review: we caught up on e-mails/internet stuff. We drank beer. We ate incredible ham and pasta (thanks Andrew). We watched movies (Braveheart is awesome). We played guitar. We watched some TV (Jackass, Fantasy Factory and Basketball). We played video games (Call of Duty: Black Ops). We took naps. We watched fresh prince of Bel-Air clips on youtube. We played pool. We drank more beer, and even tried some Four Loko. We took naps. We did laundry. Took showers. We sat in big, awesome, leather couches. Later on, we went to a local bar with Andrew and some friends. Strangest part of the evening was probably when Matte met a guy from his hometown in Ontario. There was a cover band playing too, and they were pretty damn good. When word had eventually spread that we were a touring band from Canada, the band asked if we would play a few tunes. Being without AlerG (who stayed at Andrew’s to rest up), C-Mack, Roge’ and Matte decided to appease the masses with an MLSF instrumental jam session. One older gentleman joined us for a blues tune, but I think he let the beer do most of the singing for him. It was all in good fun, and afterwards we returned to Andrew’s for a nightcap. Special thanks to Andrew and his family for putting us up, you guys are awesome! Also, please have a look at the awesome review our albums got from this sweet juggalo website, Click here to check it out!

Day 32

Talk about your rough mornings! Liam and C-Mack stayed in their booze coma’s until it was time to leave Andrew’s (around 1:30 PM), while Roge’ was up at the crack of dawn to battle his hangover head-on with showers, coffee, vitamins and LOT’S of water (ask him about the blown blood vessel in his eye). Honestly, we don’t know how these legendary rockers did it – we can barely party one night and live to tell about it. How some of these famous bands toured for months at a time, partying every single night and day on every kind of substance imaginable baffles us. Dj Clay even asked me later that day “I thought you rockers were supposed to be doing heroin and trashing hotel rooms and shit?? “ I told him Heroin wasn’t hip anymore. The new Heroin is being well-behaved and drinking responsibly. Welcome to the jungle.
Anyways, we jumped in the van and headed for Philadelphia. We have played Philadelphia a number of times before, but never at this large of a venue – the Electric Factory was, like a lot of the venues we’ve been playing on the east coast, HUGE. In fact, the Electric Factory is the largest venue on the tour, with a maximum capacity of about 2,500 people. It’s a big room. Our turn out was about half that number, but the upper level of the club was closed for the evening, so the bottom floor was packed pretty tight. They had a dope backstage area too, complete with John Wayne statues, a multicoloured grand piano, a shuffle board setup and a pool table. There was also a TV backstage with a live feed from the stage, so you could watch what was happening on-stage at any time. Rad place. We had a rad show to match; we played really well and enjoyed some of the best sound of the tour. It sounded insane in this room! As usual, the juggalo’s were giving it up in the pit, and showed us mad love in Philly.
It was awesome, Andrew and some friends drove up from Delaware to come see us, so were stoked to see him again before leaving his neck of the woods. Jim Fetzer, an industry friend we met in October at the Dewey Beach Music Conference, also showed up to show his support. After the gig, Jim took us to get a taste of some authentic Philly cuisine – the legendary Philly Cheese steak sandwich from Pat’s King of Steaks. Pat’s has been open since the 1930’s, so it seemed like the cooks probably knew how the hell to make a proper sandwich. As it turned out, yes, they certainly do! The sandwich was off the hook! They don’t mess around at Pat’s. They even have a special lingo and etiquette you are supposed to use when ordering, and if you screw it up or make a mistake, they actually send you to the back of the line. Despite our rookie status, none of us were subjected to this treatment, and got through the ordering process just fine. We hung out with Jim a little while longer, and then said our goodbyes before rocking the van to the hotel. Tomorrow we drive through New Jersey and the Big Apple on our way to Hartford, CT. We like to refer to this part of America as “the land of tolls” because of the extraordinary cost and quantity of toll charges. Toll roads are great news for a band like us (enter sarcasm here). Check us out tomorrow!

Day 33
The ol’ Jersey Turnpike! It must be the greatest stretch of highway in the country, because you have to take out a loan just for the privilege of driving on it. And then the tolls keep coming. And the gas prices? Forget it. And don’t even think about stopping for something to eat. Highway Robbery in its truest form. I could bitch about tolls gas prices all day long, really. But who wants to read about that? Nobody, that’s who. Let’s just say we drove through several states and spent a lot of dough. We drove through New York City too, crossing George Washington bridge and continuing through to Connecticut – yes, we paid tolls there too. Luckily the New York traffic was kind to us and we sailed right through.
We arrived in Hartford, CT at The Webster and it was DAMN COLD! I guess we should start getting used to it, what with it being winter time and all. The other thing we noticed about The Webster is that it appeared to be in a pretty rough neighbourhood. With one eye on our gear/van/trailer at all times, we went about our normal setting up routine and begun our sound check process. Twiztid actually stopped into the venue while we were playing our sound check song. It seems strange, but almost 5 weeks after the tour began, that was the first time the headliners of the tour heard our music. Go figure. They seemed to be in approval, at any rate.
The show was great, despite us being really cold beforehand. Roge ripped out his bass strap peg during the show and had to play upright for the last two songs – Special thanks to Eric, the security/stagehand who hooked Roge’ up with some JB Weld and helped with the post-show bass surgery! Hartford was feeling our sound for sure, and we were stoked to give it up. Thanks to our homeboy Fury for opening up the show and killing it properly, we wish him the best and hope to see him out on the road again. After some merch booth shenanigans with Twiztid merch exec Tommy Dreamer, we again piled into the van and peaced out. We perform in Poughkeepsie, NY tomorrow night at the famous theatre, The Chance. We expect there to be lots of Juggalos, cold weather, and loud music.

Day 34
It wasn’t a very long drive to the Poughkeepsie show from our hotel, so we got to hang around a little late. In fact, we hung way past check out, in the lobby, drinking free coffee, using the free internet and presumably bothering the hotel staff. We also watched some cartoons, Liam kind of fixed the stereo in the van, and we ate some breakfast leftovers (they had individually wrapped pop tarts, which we gladly stuffed our pockets full of).The way we see it, included in the fee you pay at the hotel is the right to help yourself to an unlimited amount of hotel amenities. But sooner or later, you cross that line – don’t be a freeloader. Back in the van, drive to Poughkeepsie!
We got there pretty early, and yes, as expected it was pretty damn cold. It was going be a late show to boot, the doors weren’t opening until 8 o’clock. To put it in perspective, usually we play at 7 o’clock. If the doors weren’t opening until 8, and there was an opening group before us, then we wouldn’t be onstage until 9. We had some some extra hours to kill, so we took our time during soundcheck. We actually wrote a new song, and dedicated it to Tommy Dreamer, it sounds like AC/DC or something. Pure Gold. Matte was messing around on the microphone during DJ Clay’s soundcheck, and beatboxing a little while Clay did some cuts. It sounded pretty dope!
The show was live! People were getting crazy in New York, it was an especially live mosh pit. One dude got his damn tooth knocked out during our show, and he was stoked about it. After our set, Clay did his thing, and at one point brought Matte out to try the beatboxing/dj thing in front of the crowd, which went over amazingly the crowd dug it for sure. All in all, it was a kickass night. Cold as hell, but a great show and we made a lot of new fans. Thanks to all the Juggalos who bought our CD’s and shirts! Speaking of which, our Christmas Holiday packages have been selling really well as of late, to check out the cheap t-shirt and CD combo’s we have, please visit the shop! Support one of the hardest working bands in North America, and we’ll love you for it. Towson, MD tomorrow night! Watch out!

Day 35

Our show in Towson, MD (just outside of Balitimore) we arrived at another famous venue in that region – The Recher Theatre. It was a pleasure viewing all the autographed photos of the famous artists and bands that had played at The Recher, there were literally too many to begin naming here. Excellent staff and sound techs at The Recher, very professional, very helpful. The sound guy Speedo actually took time out of his job to find out what state the performer Meatloaf was from just because we were discussing it during our check (turns out he’s from Dallas, Texas.) Talk about service! We even played our new AC/DC-ish song for Twiztid's merch executive, Tommy Dreamer, to a standing ovation of 1. Thank you, thank you. THEN we got to enjoy the catering – best damn meal we’ve had since Delaware. I won’t bore you with the details, but we ate more than is recommended before performing a rock show, but we didn’t care. Free food of that quality and quantity is not to be passed up by the likes of us.

We killed the show, and enjoyed strong sales again. Our new friend Kristin, a talent scout from Victory Records, also came out to the show to see us perform for the 2nd time (she had traveled to see us at the Electric Factory in Philly early in the week.) She liked what she saw and heard, so she offered us a free place to stay with some very special bonus amenities – food and beer. We are easy guys to please. We talked some business at her place for a while, and then she challenged us to a few games of flip cup, which is the drinking game of choice where we come from. We didn’t play too many rounds, or get too messy, but Roge’s pride was seriously injured after the tournament had come to an end. Evidently, people at Victory Records now how to flip a cup, too. We crashed soon after, and hid from the cold, because it was damn near beating down the door. Why is it so cold all of a sudden, everywhere? We move the party to Pittsburgh tomorrow. Stop by, why dontcha???

Day 36

Pittsburgh, land of the Penguins. Like real Penguins, these ones wear black and white, don’t fly, and spend a lot of time on the ice. But we weren’t taking in any hockey games today. Instead, we were on our way to Mr. Smalls, a Theatre/Recording Studio/Skate Park. The theatre portion is located in an old church, an awesome room for show. It was freezing ass COLD in Pittsburgh when we rolled in, and to make things more interesting we had to park on a steep slope next to the venue and unload the van onto a slippery, cold street and then lug our gear UPHILL to the doors. Fun. Who needs roadies? Not us.
Despite the sub-zero temperatures, the juggalos were still out in full force. It was a great turn out. We had a good show, and also made friends with the local opening act, The Gemini Projekt. The crowd was insane! Very hype, within the first 30 seconds of the Projekt’s set, people were damn near killing each other. I guess waiting out in the cold will really piss you off if you wait long enough. Luckily nobody was killed during the show, and a good time was had by all. Blaze Ya Dead Homie came into our dressing room to say what’s up and point out some creepy things – for instance, he pointed out all the deep, child-height scratch marks on the INSIDE of the doors in the dressing, the back rooms of an old church. Weird? Creepy? Disturbing? Yep, all of the above. And why the hell did Blaze know about it? Strange things afoot in Pittsburgh. And wouldn’t you know it, the snow (and temperature) kept falling and loading out was even more fun than loading in (enter sarcasm here...) Too dang cold in Pittsburgh to hang around. Peace out! We’re moving on to Columbus, Ohio, tomorrow. Close to home, but it’s not time to go home yet – we have at least 9 more shows to rock. Catch ya!

Day 37
Why is it everywhere we go now, its freezing cold? Answer: because it’s winter. Things are cold in the wintertime . They teach you this grade 1, but they also teach you not to pick your nose. And I have a feeling we’re all guilty of this one from time to time. Come on – if anyone reading this can honestly say with confidence they never, ever pick their nose, then we’ll send you a free gift (disclaimer: free gift may not actually be sent and may not exist).
So, if you haven’t guessed, it was still really cold in Columbus. We drove through the snow all day too, we were really feelin’ the winter push. Columbus is a really cool city, for those who haven’t been there. We’ve played several times before, but never at the Newport Music Theatre, which was a really amazing venue. It was probably the biggest stage we’ve played on since we started the tour. When we showed up, we learned the opening act was another actual “band”, meaning they had real instruments. This was the first time this had happened since San Francisco, and it turned out it was a band we had actually rocked the stage with before in Detroit – our friends in Menace To Sobriety. Usually, having multiple bands can suck because it generally means longer soundchecks and less room onstage for everybody. Luckily, the stage was gigantic so it wasn’t an issue. We walked backstage to our dressing room, where we found DJ Clay getting a tattoo and kicking it with his tattoo entourage. It was the debut of Clay’s new album, “Book of The Wicked: Chapter 2”, and when we asked him if he got ink every time one of his albums dropped, he said “No, but that’s a good idea”. Either way, mad props to DJ Clay on his latest release. For more info on Book of The Wicked: Chapter 2, hit up
What a show – give us a big stage to terrorize, and we will slay every inch of that sucker. It really helps us get into it, and we stamped, stomped, jumped, and jammed all over the stage that night. It was probably our best show of the week. The crowd responded with more of the “fam-i-ly” chants. Ultimate respect, and we paid every ounce of right back to the Juggalos. We really have to take a minute here and thank John, the Twiztid crew lights technician. John is not required in any way, shape or form to work the lights for us, but as an awesome guy he has been doing it almost every date of the tour. He makes us look like real rockstars, and we owe him a huge shout-out for that. Thanks buddy!
Before Twiztid took the stage, we spotted their bodyguard/assistant walking around with a sight any Canadian knows immediately – a large Iced Cap from Tim Horton’s, keep in mind, we’re in Ohio and haven’t seen a Tim Hortons since October, and we have a few pretty serious coffee drinkers in our band. So, we freaked out a little bit, and demanded to know where the Timmies was! We got hold of the information, and hit up Tim’s on our way out of Columbus. Perfect timing, because it was mercilessly cold outside and it really helped to warm us up. We have tomorrow off, but we have to drive through the night to get to our hotel outside of Minneapolis, and to make it all so much easier for us, the snow was falling. All night. We’ll drive safe, don’t worry. Check back tomorrow!

Day 38

Another day off! Of course, it’s only a HALF day off – we had to spend the first half driving through the snow and cold for 14 hours or so. It sucked. You really don’t want to hear about it. After the drive, and right before the hotel, we hit Wal-Mart. Our go to stop for anything. We bought some beer (several dozen cans) and some food, then proceeded to our hotel. We kicked it hard all day, some of us worked out, some of us drank beer, some of us did both, and ALL of us ate the goods we had gotten from wal-mart. We watched some TV, did some swimming, drank coffee, and enjoyed the heavy Christmas atmosphere at this particular hotel in Wisconsin. We also ate lot’s, and lot’s of Fruit Loops from the breakfast room. AlerG ate like 5 bowls himself. The hotel staff caught on to this – they did not refill the fruit loops for the morning. We ruined it for everybody. Sorry! That’s all really. They had a restaurant too, with 30 cent wings and $5 pitchers of beer, but when we finally stumbled in, it was closed. In lieu of cheap wings and beer, we opted for sleep. AlerGeezie wanted to watch Mortal Kombat, which he ended up doing, alone. Ok, that’s it. We’ll let you know what’s up tomorrow!

Day 39

So on Day 39, we travelled to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minnie is known for being a city that is ruthlessly cold, so we had that to look forward to. But as we arrived – victory! They had an indoor parking/loading dock, where we got to park and unload, in the comfort of indoor heat. Amazing. Take that, mother nature. Rock clubs have beaten you.
This, by the way, is no ordinary rock club. First Avenue is a famous destination for almost every major touring musical group. There’s a huge collection of stars printed on the outside of the building, which are painted on permanently after said artist has a sold out night at the venue. Long story short, all your favourite bands and singers are on there. Another interesting piece of First Avenue history - Minneapolis is the hometown of pop/rock superstar Prince, and First Avenue is the club where most of the nightclub and performance sequences were filmed from Prince’s legendary movie, Purple Rain. He`s played the club about a million times too, and I even found a small piece of graffiti backstage that simply read “Prince was here”. Awesome. Needless to say, First Avenue was a top notch club with highly trained and professional staff that made our sound check and stay very easy. They also had free juice and fruit, too! Naturally, we raided it.
Awesome, awesome, AWESOME show. I know we keep writing about how awesome the shows are, but seriously, they’re all that great. We really love playing for crowds that are this big and this stoked on new music. The Juggalo family is rad, and always ready to throw down for some new music, provided that new music doesn’t suck. We do what we can on our end. We’ve got to give a special shout out to the members of the kitchen staff at First Avenue for hooking us up with some free eats after the show was over, as well as to the sound guys, especially the dude who was rapping with Roge’ about the Halifax explosion. Great people in Minneapolis. Day 40 looms on the horizon, and it’ll have us playing in Milwaukee, where we haven’t been since June for SummerFest! We had a good time then, hopefully that repeats itself. Holla back!

Day 40

So we got to The Rave in Milwaukee, an incredibly large building with something like 4 venues inside. Two really big rooms, with a few smaller stages inside. Very cool. We noticed that a fellow Canadian band, Silverstein, was co-headlining the other large venue with The Devil Wears Prada. Canada in the house! We went inside, and realized we were a little late so we had to bust ass and get our gear set up and our sound check done. They had ONE sound guy for the whole place. Talk about being overworked! He was pretty efficient though, we must admit, and got us plugged in and ready to rock in no time.
Shortly after the soundcheck, I went wandering to look for our dressing room. As I was walking backstage, I ran into Jubal, Twiztids Stage manager. He pointed down the hall and told me that the dressing rooms were past the pool room, and then mumbled something about being careful. I kept walking and emerged into the craziest, scariest, most evil-feeling room I’ve ever been inside in my life. A giant, empty pool sat in the middle of a decaying, eerily lit room with stairs leading to an upper balcony. Stains, broken glass, discarded items and burned chairs littered the bottom of the pool. The walls were crumbling, and were littered with the names of bands who had also been through this misplaced, creepy ass pool on the way to find the dressing rooms. It felt like something from the shining, only scarier. Why the hell there was an old, empty pool backstage I have no idea. Shortly after, we learned that the pool, and the boiler room beneath it, are supposedly haunted. The whole building is over a hundred years old, and we heard stories of construction workers being killed, secret pro Nazi rallies during the 30’s and 40’s. Someone told us there was a chair in the boiler room that wasn’t to be touched or moved, ever. Evidently, a number of big bands in the past had messed with this chair and as a result, their performances were ruined by coincidental power outages or malfunctions in the lights or sound boards. Take from it what you will, we didn’t see any ghosts, but one thing is for sure – there was some eerie energy in the air.
Our show, however, was uninterrupted by evil spirits. Quite the opposite. We rocked that joint! It was a great turn out and a great show. We had an awesome time, and despite the cold and nasty conditions outside, the crowd was in a wicked mood and we thank everybody for kicking it real all night long and hanging with us after the show. Despite numerous trips through the haunted rooms, no ghosts messed with us, and we even tempted fate by writing on the walls. We’ll let you know if evil spirits start haunting us. Tomorrow we hit Sauget, Illinois, just outside of St. Louis! Stay tuned!

Twiztid Tour 2010: Day 41 - 47 & Finale

Day 41

Another freezing cold load into Pop’s in Sauget, Illinois. Sauget is a smaller city just outside of St. Louis, and we could see the St. Louis arch from the venue. Cool place – literally, and figuratively. Wintertime is a real jerk in Illinois, as it would seem. And technically, it’s not even Winter yet. I’d hate to have to hang here in February.
Pop’s is a really cool venue, with pool tables, foosball, an arcade section, plenty of drinks and a great stage. Our backstage dressing room was actually upstairs, and came complete with a popcorn maker and all the fixings. During sound check, we invited our friends from the Twiztid tour crew to come onstage, and we got the tour manager Ash, merchandise tech Tommy Dreamer and DJ Clay all jamming at one point. They rocked. They rocked so hard, in fact, that they made us look bad so we quickly took our instruments back and told them not to touch our stuff!
The show rocked, there was a HUGE crowd. We cranked up the volume and let the funk rip all over that joint, and the family rejoiced. We got serious love from the Juggalos in Sauget, thanks to each and every one of them who kicked it with us, bought an album or just said hello. We’ll be back for sure (especially after we smashed our merchandise sales record on that same night). While we were leaving, we actually had a few minutes to talk with Paul (Monoxide) from Twiztid, who told us he watched some of our performance earlier that night and enjoyed it. A really cool, down to earth guy – definitely the nicest “serial killer” we’ve ever met. After that, we jumped in the van and drove to nearby Brooklyn, Illinois, where the legendary Gentleman’s club “Roxy” was said to exist. We found it, had a beer, and left shortly after due to a progressively worsening snow storm outside. To find out what took place during our time at this legendary club, please purchase a copy of the MLSF biography “The Road to Platinum”, available as soon as one of our albums goes Platinum. DAY OFF TOMORROW!

Day 42 
This Day off happened to be Roge’s birthday. The snow gods must have been in a humorous mood, because they delivered a massive snowstorm upon the entire mid-west United States, which is something Roge’ would have prayed for had he been snowboarding, and not on tour with a band, in a van, pulling a heavy trailer, with 500 km to drive. 
After about 70 km’s into the drive it became very apparent that we would NOT be finishing the drive to West Dundee that day. The snow, the wind, the ice covered was all just a little too risky. Plus, once you see several semi-trucks jackknifed on the side of the road, you begin to feel like there are safer places to be than the interstate. We checked into a hotel and got TWO rooms! This is a big deal for us. It meant that none of us would have to sleep on the floor, and in fact two of us would even be getting our own bed. 
Happy birthday to Roge’. So what can you do when there’s a massive snowstorm outside and you have a birthday to celebrate? Well, first you go to Wal-mart, where you should buy snacks and lots of beer, preferably cheap beer like Pabst Blue Ribbon or Old Milwaukee, so you can get MORE of it. Then, if you’re Boots, you lose your Blackberry in the parking lot amongst the whiteouts, blowing snow and frigid temperatures, and then someone miraculously finds it and returns it in. Next, you must travel back to the hotel, where you then must assemble MicLordz & Sauce Funky CD’s because you’ve sold so many that you’re running out. This step should be completed with beer in hand, or if your Matte, at least 9 cups of coffee. If you’re AlerG, you should go run on the treadmill for over an hour, and then drive through the snowstorm to the nearby Wendy’s and order at least 5 items off the value menu. Make sure to bring the birthday kid with, cuz he likes cheeseburgers too. If you’re C-Mack, you should disappear for several hours and suddenly reappear for birthday brews. If you’re Liam...well, if you’re Liam you really SHOULDN’T stink up the whole hotel room and bathroom so bad that Roge’ has to go get air freshener from the front desk...but that’s what he did anyway. After all this, make sure most of the beer gets drank and proceed to watch Bloodsport (starring 1987 Jean-Claude Van Damme) and Titanic at the same time, switching channels during commercials. Then, and only then you should go swimming in the hotel pool, but get out immediately because a) it’s too damn cold, and b) Bloodsport is still on TV. After Bloodsport, watch a live studio performance from the 80’s of blues legends Stevie Ray Vaughn and Albert King, it’ll make you feel awesome. At this point, you should be drunk, tired, or both – so you should go to sleep. Roge’, for the record, had an awesome birthday. 
Tomorrow we finish our drive to West Dundee, Illinois, as it seems the storm has finally let up. See you there.

Day 43
So, we got back on the road on Monday and the storm had left a bright, sunny day in its wake. Awesome! One thing, however, that did not change was the cold. It was still ruthlessly cold. But given the choice between the bitter, bastardly cold and potentially deadly driving conditions, we’ll take the former. We hit the road, and arrived in West Dundee, Illinois, a few hours later.
Our sound guys were just plain crappy. They didn’t know what the hell they were doing, and were very unprofessional, wasted time, and were generally rude. One of the guys was telling me about how he recently did sound for a band that he didn’t like, and purposely messed with their levels and sound settings to make them sound awful. Why the hell he would tell me this, I can’t understand. It’s like a doctor admitting to you that he botched a surgery on somebody because he didn’t like their shoes.
The show, however, wasn’t too bad. The venue (called the Clearwater) was actually a decent room, but small – on of the smallest room we’ve played on this tour. Small stage too, but we’re no strangers to small performance space. Between having rehearsal spaces like closets and playing 100’s of small stages throughout our career, we have mastered the fine of art of maximum rocking in minimum space. We put those skills to work on this particular night, and won our crowd over in Illinois for the 2nd time.
We have a system for loading out our gear after the show. Immediately after we play, we strike (clear) the stage of our gear and move it to a pre-determined location backstage. Then, Roge’ and C-Mack disassemble the gear and pack everything into cases while the rest of the team hits the floor and merch booth to work the room and sell CD’s, t-shirts, etc. After moving everything outside and loading the trailer, Roge’ and C-Mack join the selling team on the floor. That is how we do things every single night, but the Clearwater’s conditions were brutal for our way of doing things. There was hardly any room to tear down backstage, there was almost no help from the staff, and there was two flights of ice covered stairs to carry everything down before having to walk another 300 feet to the trailer. When one of the guys has to stay and guard the open trailer, this becomes an incredibly time consuming practice. And don’t forget it was by far the coldest temperatures we’d seen so far, so yeah, that sucked too. Long story short, this was the worst load-out of the whole tour!
For some reason there were about 6 police squad cars parked outside of the venue at one point, they all seemed to be arresting one guy. It must have been a slow night for the cops, unless this guy was the most dangerous Juggalo in America. Later, we saw a young kid get sucker punched in the face after the show. We then watched the female police officer in charge totally treat the guy like he was the criminal, by swearing at him, threatening him, and quite frankly acting like a complete bitch. All while the poor dude still had blood pouring out of his mouth. Sometimes obeying the law just isn’t enough for a cop that’s having a bad day. You’d better not even think about getting punched out by a stranger, or it’s your ass!!
We have to give a very, very special thank you to Joy Hamrick, a local youth director who recognized our hard work ethic and spent a lavish amount of money on our merchandise. Hats off to you, Joy. Thanks for helping us out  Back to Michigan tomorrow, in Grand Rapids! Getting pretty close to home here...

Day 44
Back in Michigan! Awesome. Grand Rapids is a cool city, and this was the closest we’d been to home since we left. There are also some notable rock legends that come from Grand Rapids, including one of our own personal heroes and major influences - Mr. Anthony Kiedis from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Most people know the Chilli’s are from Los Angeles and this is true, but their lead singer and founder spent much of his childhood in Michigan and stills has family in Gr. Rapids.
We arrived at the venue, and started loading our gear in as usual. There was about 3 minutes of panic when we briefly feared that the wireless microphones and the in-ear monitor system were left in Illinois. The thought of being without three pieces of gear that you desperately need can really freak you out. We found them shortly after and breathed a heavy sigh of relief. We’ve been VERY lucky and very careful this whole tour when it comes to our gear. If you leave one crucial item behind, it can compromise the rest of the tour. So never, ever forget anything behind, or else you suck. It’s that simple.
All in all, it was another terrific show. Our sound was great, we had excellent crowd response, and it was another good night for merch sales. Wicked good time! Our homeboy Chuckles, Twiztid’s transfer truck driver, was stoked too because he got to go hang with his wife and kids while he was in Gr. Rapids. We didn’t see him until the next day, but he had a big smile on his face so he must have enjoyed himself. We saw more blood and guts at this show – well, not guts but some blood, and one guy REALLY messed up his knee., to the point where he could not lift it, walk it, or really do anything with it. Other interesting sights were the dude with the maximum security prison grade handcuffs – you could keep The Hulk in custody with these things, no joke, they were crazy! They looked dangerous too, like if he wanted to take them off and swing them around he probably couldn’t taken out a wall. Thumbs up, security guys!
The next day would actually be in Louisville, Kentucky. We’ve driven through Louisville on almost every American tour we’ve been on but have never, for one reason or another, been able to book there. But wouldn’t you know it, we had to drive all through the night to get to there – for the last time. So, in spite of our long journey, we stopped just outside of Gr. Rapids to get gas, where we made an unlikely meeting with another Canadian band – Hail The Villain. Cool! They were touring with Hell Yeah, the new project featuring Pantera’s notoriuous drummer Vinny Paul. Hail The Villain were super good dudes, and quite honestly it was cool to just talk to some like-minded Canadians doing the same thing we were, if only for a few minutes. Strangely enough, also on the tour with them was the band Anew Revolution, who we had randomly met at the hotel breakfast in Denver over 6 weeks ago. The small world theory gets proved again! We wish the best of luck to the Hail The Villain guys, and hope to see them again sometime. Louisville, it’s been a long time comin’! Let’s make it happen.

Day 45
Louisville, Kentucky is the same city where they make the world famous baseball bats popular with professional baseball players, mobsters and juvenile delinquents everywhere – the infamous Louisville Slugger. The club was called Headliners Music Hall, and when we arrived we noticed something strange.
“Is that a plane?”
There was a damn AIRPLANE crashed into the hill just behind the venue. You can see it plain as day from the road, the parking lot, or anywhere outside. No joke! It was one of those little single engine doozies, Liam being an airplane mechanic could probably tell you the make, model and year of the friggin’ thing but for now we’re just gonna call it a “small plane”. No matter what you call it, there it was – nose dived into the hill. It looked like it had been there for twenty years. (We later learned the club on the top of the hill owned the plane, and it was nothing more than an expensive prop).
Headliners was pretty cool, our merch section was in the balcony above the showroom. This allowed Liam to videotape a good portion of our show that night. Speaking of video, we have another video blog posted, featuring a live recording of our new song “Ready for War” and Matte’s beatboxing duet with DJ Clay in New York. Check it out right here!
KICK ASS SHOW. I know, I know, we say it all the time. You’re probably getting tired of hearing how “great” the shows have been. What you probably REALLY want to hear about is how they hated us, tried to rush our stage and trash our instruments and kill us, while we barely got out of there with our lives in some elaborate escape. Well, sorry to disappoint the blood thirsty masses, but it didn’t go down like that. They liked us, what can I say? The people were super nice that night, and our merch sales were awesome too, we had a crazy rush at our booth after the performance. Another highlight from this night included how the guy who helped Charlie and Roge’ load their trailer is a guitar tech for Fear Factory who’s been all over the world. Pretty cool. Also, a big thanks to the strippers who came to the show and were dancing scandalously all over the bar, and all over Tommy Dreamer’s merch table (they kept their clothes on, for the record). Attention definitely seemed to be diverted from the stage while THAT whole fiasco was going down.
The weather started dropping freezing rain on us, so we bailed after the show and drove slowly to the hotel, but not before getting some Taco Bell which ALerG had been craving the whole trip. When we arrived at the hotel, Boots said something to the effect of “...careful, the parking lot is slippery”, and no sooner had these words come from his mouth then C-Mack stepped out of the van and got taken out on the ice – first step! We made sure he was ok, then proceeded to laugh our heads off. That would have been just fine, but when Matte, C-Mack and Roge’ returned to the van to spin over to a McDonalds a few minutes later, our boy C did a repeat of his icy slip during an actual IMITATION of the original fall. Some things may not translate here, maybe we were extra tired or maybe you had to be there, but this was a gut-bustingly hilarious event at the time (All parties were unhurt).
Tomorrow we high tail it over to Cincinnati for the 2nd last show of the tour, it should be a good one. Holla back Cincy!

Day 46
I don’t know how the other guys feel, but every time we get to Cincinnati I always think of that old show “WKRP in Cincinnati”, and imaginethe radio DJ’s Dr. Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap coming out to one of our shows and rocking out with us. If only! If you have no idea what I’m talking about here, do yourself a favour and watch this classic show.
We got to Bogart’s, the venue, pretty early so we did our sound check (with an awesome team of techs, I might add), and had some spare time afterwards. Twiztid’s light technician John was raving and suggested we hit up this vintage guitar store literally next door to the venue, so we wandered over and checked it out. WOW...this store might as well have been a retirement home for the world’s oldest and most beautiful guitars. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of antique, used and vintage guitars, basses, amps and drums littered the walls for three levels. I had never seen anything like it. I got to play a few classic Fender basses from the early 1970’s, models which I’d only read about and seen pictures of, and here I was in a tiny room holding one in my hands. We could have spent all day in that place, we really only had an hour or less to kill, but it was definitely a pleasant visit.
This was the third or fourth time we’ve played Cincinnati, but never in a club like this or to this many people. It was a really good time, we were stoked to play for the crowd. Right before we went on, DJ Clay was telling us how this particular venue was his first performance with Psychopathic Records (actually with an Insane Clown Posse tour). He also shared with us that his new mix-tape, Book Of The Wicked: Ch 2, had just hit #5 on the Billboard HeatSeekers Chart. It also was reaching 21 on the Rap charts, and charting well on the Billboard R&B and Independant Charts. Congratulations to our new homeboy for the success of his new record!
After the show, Liam took the initiative to order some pizza from a local joint that supposedly was the best damn pizza in town. We waited until after the show to eat the 30 slice monster that we ordered, and for sure, it was the best pizza we’d eaten in months. We completely demolished the whole thing. The pizza guys didn’t think we’d finish it – clearly, they don’t serve starving musicians on the regular. We put that thing to sleep no problem.
As we were leaving, we noticed backstage that Twiztid’s Monoxide had discarded his white t-shirt that he wore during the show (we could tell from the hairspray paint on the neck that it was his). Roge commented, only half serious, that maybe one of the Juggalos waiting behind the venue would want to buy it. Sure enough our ruthless MVP salesman AlerG asked a few Juggalos outside if they wanted it, and found a buyer for $20. This is tour-survival Tip #76: The headliners discarded items may be worth lots of money to their fans, so if you find any, try to find a buyer.
Wow, the LAST show of our tour is tomorrow night in Detroit – right across the river from Windsor! Keep reading to see us home.

Day 47
Detroit Rock City! It’s nice to be back in our own neighbourhood. We were all pumped up for our last show. It’s hard to believe that we’ve burned through 37 performances. There’s definitely a sense that we’re a whole new band now, you tend to learn a few things when you’re out on the road for this long. For example, we learned how to feed yourself for 88 cents a day (Wal-mart), how to sell your music to people who’ve never heard you (be convincing), and how to win over face-painted “horrorcore” fans with your special blend of aggressive hip-hop/rock/funk (don’t suck).
We arrived at Clutch Cargo’s in Pontiac, MI (in the metro Detroit area) and started to unload. Unfortunately, on our last night the sound guys were being kind of rude. They did the sound well, which is what counts, but you could tell the two sound guys weren’t getting along and were yelling at each other, fighting, and generally making everyone else unhappy and uncomfortable. But whatever, they got us checked eventually, and we hit the floor to greet the fans coming in for the last time.
We had a bunch of our friends come out to the show from Windsor (for those who don’t know, our home base Windsor, Ontario is just across the river from Detroit). We were stoked to see smiling faces of people we actually knew! Special thanks to our girlfriends who came out to see us as well, including C-Mack’s girlfriend who flew out a day early from school in Scotland to surprise him. Our show was a real killer – the crowd was exceptionally loud and we had a really amazing night on the stage. It was the perfect way to go out. With the performance over, we still had to a full night ahead of us – we still had to work the crowd, and try to maximize our sales, same as always. We didn’t do too bad, either! Hard to believe, but we are almost cleaned out of our tour merchandise. That’s after we did TWO re-orders on the road. We feel we did a pretty damn good job.
After the show, we packed up, and got the hell out of there. We weren’t fooling anybody, we were dog tired and home was only a short drive away. After a few delays, we finally made it to the border crossing. Given that a few other things had already deterred us, we fully expected to get pulled in at the border too. A HUGE thanks to the guy who did not pull us in at customs – the last thing we wanted to do was stand in customs for an hour while they went through the van and trailer. We got through customs and proceeded to get everyone to their places of rest for the night.
Please check back in a day or two for our Tour Blog finale where we’ll wrap this thing up. Thanks for reading, please support MLSF by visiting our merch store right here!


Ok! We’re wrapping up the tour blogs again for the year. The Twiztid tour has been an unreal adventure! We’ve met an awful lot of new friends and allies, and without them none of our exploits would be possible. Happy Holidays and New Year to all of our fans and friends. (We’ll be playing at Dr. Jekyl’s Roadhouse in Strathroy, Ontario on New Year’s Eve). We have a long list of thank you’s, so let’s not delay here! In no particular order, except for the first one, thanks to:
...our road manager/merch tech/driver/mechanic/all around awesome guy Liam McNaughton. You really keep it all together brother, we wouldn’t be able to do it without you, and you know that’s the truth. Our new van and trailer. The Twiztid crew – Jubal for being rad, John for the lights, Chuckles for cracking us up, Nips for the waters, Pickles for having the best name, and of course our new friend Tommy Dreamer for being an inspiration to rockers everywhere. The tour manager Ash, for helping us out and never being a dick, and for hooking up free food. Joy Hamrick for the extra funding. A big shout out to Kristin from Victory Records for checking us out, letting us crash, buying us food & beer and beating us at flip cup. Andrew Dera and his family for the ham, pasta and Four Loko. DJ Clay for always being our #1 tour homie. Blaze Ya Dead Homie for being our Dead homie, and Jay-Ten for always being cool to us (awesome meeting your g moms and g pops). George Valhakis for giving us a chance. Gene Foley for always believing. Jim Fetzer, for taking us to Pat’s in Philadelphia for the Philly Cheese Steaks! All the Juggalos who bought our t-shirt, our album, signed the mailing list or welcomed us into their family. The two little kids who crowd surfed to the stage and then dove off in Fort Worth, Texas. Wal-Mart. The sunglasses dude in Spokane, WA. James Rietz from Crossbreed/Shu Tang. Every soundguy who was nice and did their job well. Chef Boyardee. Campbell’s Chunky Soup. Maruchan Noodles. The girls at Roxy. The Rainbow Room. Twista Jay for hooking everybody up with smoke in LA. American beer prices. Psychopathic Records. Donny from Suburban Noize records. Aria, the professional Gypsy. All the local openers, even the shitty ones. Anybody who gave us a discount or special favour because we’re a band/felt sorry for us. The guy who threw a beer can at Roge’s junk in Tulsa. The guys at and for the awesome album reviews. Our families. Our girlfriends (Jess, Julie, Trudy and Belinda). Frank and Anne for all their help on the road. Every venue that didn’t take a cut from our merch sales. Every bartender who gave us free coffee or free beer at the venues. Anew Revolution and Hail The Villain for being bands that we met on the road. The drunk chicks who ran into our trailer and paid us cash for the damages. The Ghosts at The Rave in Milwuakee for not messing with our souls. All the hotels that had hot breakfast. Sasha and Amir for coming to kick it with us in Arizona. Las Vegas for not taking all our money. Koshir, Hilary, Liz, Hannah and Sophie for making us feel at home. San Francisco for keeping our egos in check. California for being hot. Lake Tahoe for being beautiful. The housekeeping girls from Reno. The dude who bougt Monoxide’s shirt from AlerG. Pizzaman Dan and the guys at The White Rabbit. The Scorpion from our room in Texas (RIP). Our homeboy who performed with us in LA, and then came to see us in Florida, and then in Philly. The strippers from the shows in Vegas/Louisville. Jay Hamilton for the hotel hook up and just being rad. The Skuzza family. Pat Ophee. All our hometown peeps who came to rock it with us in Vegas/Detroit. All the venues. All the promoters. All of you . The mechanics who changed the trailer tire in Florida. The dude from Guitar Centre who gave Roge a deal on his bass gear in Denver. Kick Port for hooking Charlie up. The guy at customs in Windsor who let us into the country without detaining us. Trudy’s manager for being the first person to buy anything from us on the tour. Jean Clade Van Damme for starring in Bloodsport. The authors of all the books we read. The crazy guy from the hotel in New Jersey with the 7 inch blade. All the powers that be who saw us through the tour safely back to our loved ones – and everybody back home who never doubted us. Hat’s off to you – see you in 2011!