Bernard Bensaid and His Many Projects

When you earn a college degree, getting into your line of work isn’t always easy. There’s oftentimes plenty of other candidates with degrees, who are just as qualified as you. But, sometimes, getting your foot in the door is based upon qualities far greater than the diplomas that you hold. Oftentimes, getting the job requires that you have a passion in the field, a direction, and a desire. And so, Bernard Bensaid is the CEO of The Group. The company operates several hospitality related businesses, and with the leadership of Bensaid, have become popular amongst those looking for friendly values and tremendous services. Continue reading to learn more about some of the many projects that Bensaid currently oversees.

HealthCare Facilities

With several clinics in operation in Paris, The Group ensures that patient care is the primary focus and that each patient leaves content and satisfied with the results, even when there’s bad news given. Dental clinics and a medical center is also operated by The Group. Now, more than 40 facilities in total are managed by The Group, since which time many great changes and expansions have occurred.

Lemon Hotel

Lemon Hotel is one of the projects under Bensaid’s belt. This hotel has multiple locations in France and Germany, each offering luxurious amenities at a cool price. Most importantly, the hotels offer the hospitality that you expect in a place away from home. So often it seems those values are forgotten, and you get what you get. Not at The Lemon Hotel, however. Things are done differently, and it is a difference that you can appreciate.

Bernard Bensaid


Elderly care is the main concern for Amapa. If you have an aging loved one in need of medical care, turning to Amapa ensures that your loved one receives high quality care, and that they are always the number one priority of the staff. Amapa was established in 1962, and has since turned into one of the leading facilities of its kind. Amapa offers an array of elderly related services.

Rental Property

Finding a great place to live is rewarding and makes you feel good inside, but the task is one that is also oftentimes met with difficulty. The Group aims to keep things simple, offering property management services and rental properties that get you ahead. When the Group handles your rental property needs, you get the home that you love, whether you need a long-term or a short-term rental property. There’s properties of all sizes and in a variety of price angles to accommodate all needs.

It is safe to say that as the CEO of The Group, Bensaid has helped the corporation substantially in each of the projects listed above. The company has grown considerably, customer service has improved, and employee retention is great. There is no telling what the future holds for this corporation, but one thing we do know is that if Bensaid is controlling operations, it can only get better. And anyone can appreciate that.